Jun 16, 2022
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500 French soldiers in Romania fear to be sent to Ukraine

In the photo: the meeting of the Presidents of Romania and France at the NATO military base "Mikhail Kogalnichan" in Romania.  Pictured: Romanian President Klaus Iohannis (right) and French President Emmanuel Macron (left).  France is stationing about 500 soldiers in Romania.

In the photo: the meeting of the Presidents of Romania and France at the NATO military base “Mikhail Kogalnichan” in Romania. Pictured: Romanian President Klaus Iohannis (right) and French President Emmanuel Macron (left). France is stationing about 500 soldiers in Romania. (Photo: Yoan Valat/AP/TASS)

France and the EU do not want to fight the Russian people. About this at a press conference following the talks with the Romanian President Klaus Johannis French leader said Emmanuel Macron.

According to him, Paris initially called for sanctions against Moscow as a “punishment” for a special military operation on Ukrainian territory. “But we also want to build peace, which means that at some point the fire must be stopped and negotiations resumed,” the French leader said.

He also added that EU representatives are ready to take part in the negotiations and provide the necessary security guarantees.

“Russia is a strong power. Therefore, I have never shared the approach that today we will start a battle with Russia, and tomorrow we want to destroy it. No,” Macron said, noting that he constantly talks about this during contacts with Zelensky.

The meeting of the Romanian and French presidents took place at the Air Force military base Mikhail Kogelnitsanu in southeastern Romania, where Macron arrived on Tuesday to “cheer up” the French military stationed there. 500 French soldiers, we recall, were transferred to the Romanian base in March as part of the NATO response force after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

Pictured: units of the French and Belgian armies deployed at the Mihail Kogalniceanu air base in Romania, together with the NATO Response Force as part of the AIGLE mission
Pictured: units of the French and Belgian armies deployed at the Mihail Kogalniceanu airbase in Romania along with the NATO Response Force as part of the AIGLE mission (Photo: Yoan Valat/AP/TASS)

But the speech of the head of the 5th Republic in front of the military was of a completely different plan. Calling the French military the epitome of European solidarity and security, he urged them to prepare to “defend and deter.”

“No one knows what the next days and months will bring us. We will do everything to stop the Russian military operation, help the Ukrainians and their army, and will continue negotiations. In the long term, we have to protect ourselves, contain and maintain a presence. In this sense, we have a leading role,” the French leader said.

It turns out, on the one hand, “we don’t want to fight the Russians,” on the other hand, “we will do everything to stop the Russian military special operation.”

There is clear cognitive dissonance. Moreover, for the French president, such contradictions are becoming almost the norm. He then imagines himself a peacemaker, urging Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow. And he speaks about the inadmissibility of “humiliation” of Russia in the international arena. At the same time, he directs the heavy weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are used to kill civilians in Donbass.

Moreover, French lovers of “human safari” as mercenaries have long been fighting on the side of the Ukrainian nationalist battalions.

The fact that a beret with a cockade and the personal number of a soldier of the French Foreign Legion was found in the former military unit of the Azov National Battalion * on the territory of the Mariupol airport was written by a military commander in his Telegram channel back in early April Semyon Pegov.

It turned out that the items of equipment really belong to a French soldier from the 13th demi-brigade of the Foreign Legion of Motorized Infantry Forces. According to the Mash online publication, the fighters of this unit participated in French military operations in Africa and the Middle East.

It is no coincidence, apparently, that the French Foreign Ministry took the death sentence handed down by the tribunal of the Donetsk People’s Republic to two Britons and one Moroccan, who were covered in hostilities on the side of the Kyiv regime as mercenaries, so close to their hearts.

They even remembered that prisoners should be treated “in accordance with international humanitarian law.” Although, as you know, foreign mercenaries are not covered by this right, since they are not combatants, which the Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly warned about.

Is it worth it, in general, to negotiate with those who supply the Kyiv Nazi regime with weapons to kill civilians in Donbass and our military?

“Macron has some kind of perverted logic, but it is not new,” he comments on the situation. Leading Researcher of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, specialist in France Sergey Fedorov. – This controversial position shows the throwing of France.

In 2017, Macron allegedly “reached out to Moscow.” And for some reason, the French believed that Insert should respond to this gesture and start pursuing a policy in the interests of France and European democracy.

On the other hand, even before the recent events in Ukraine, Macron announced a dialogue with Russia “from a position of strength.” Like, “we are Europeans, we stand on our positions”, “Putin cannot be inferior in anything”, but “oppose Russia wherever possible”. And all this intensified ten times after Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine.

However, one should not raise the question of whether it is possible to negotiate with Macron.

We are not going to negotiate with Macron. He acted only as an intermediary, persuading Zelensky to make territorial concessions – renunciation of Donbass and recognition of Crimea. But, apparently, he did not succeed in this endeavor.

Again, it is not so much good relations with Russia that are important to him as the unity of the EU. Macron is annoyed that the Poles and the Balts constantly reproach him for being a “pro-Putin” politician. That he goes to agreements with Russia to the detriment of the cause of Europe and the protection of the interests of Ukraine.

SP: But that’s not true at all…

– Not this way. Nevertheless, it is important for him to show the Europeans that he is an ardent supporter of NATO and the strengthening of its eastern flank. The French, by the way, are active there even before the start of the special operation. They had a contingent in the Baltics. French aircraft are involved in patrolling the Black and Baltic Seas. That is, they are fully tied up in the east of Europe. And they believe that the armed forces of the EU countries should be a guarantee, a strong flank of the alliance in this region.

Such a contradictory position is unlikely to bear any great fruit.

In addition, Macron has parliamentary elections. And he is playing a foreign policy card here, which, perhaps, will add points to him during the second round, which will be held on June 19. Otherwise, it will help win back some votes in order to get an absolute majority in the Lower House of Parliament. To do this, he needs to work very hard. Hence his latest foreign policy initiatives. He went from Romania to Moldova, and, perhaps, he will even visit Kyiv later, which, however, has not yet been officially confirmed.

So far, according to the results of the first round, Macron is in the lead, but with a minimal margin from the left bloc Melanhon.

“SP”: – So, many French people are already repelled by Macron’s policy?

– It repels only on the internal problems of France – social and economic. The “president of the rich” label stuck tightly to Macron. But on the external agenda, they are rather on his side. Because the majority of the French – 70% – believe that France should help Ukraine militarily. At least according to polls.

There is no need to be surprised. All media in the country are in the Western mainstream. And they repeat exclusively the theses of Kyiv. For example, the surrender of the “Azovites” in Mariupol is called evacuation in the entire French press, as Zelensky actually presented it.

And the President of Russia is solely to blame for the food crisis. We are already tired of explaining to them what the problem is. They don’t want to hear anything.

About the “atrocities of Russian soldiers” they lie as they breathe. Moreover, no one cares whether this is true or not. The fact that France is supplying Ukraine with heavy weapons – the same 155 mm howitzers that can reach any region of Donetsk and from which they are already being killed, does not bother anyone.

When a maternity hospital in Donetsk was bombed recently, they expressed only some regret that the escalation has intensified, and civilians are suffering.

An alternative point of view is not presented – all Russian media are prohibited. Therefore, I won’t be surprised that it will come to the point that the French will repeat the Ukrainian fairy tales that it is “the Russians are deliberately shooting Donbass.”

“SP”: – That is, Macron’s pseudo-peacemaking speeches should not mislead us?

“Not a single word can be trusted. What kind of “peacemaker” he was was clear from the way he was paired with Merkel supported the destructive line of Kyiv in the Minsk process. And now they are surprised and blame Putin, they say, “we were already close to agreeing.” What kind of agreement could we talk about with such a brazen position of Ukraine.

Therefore, of course, we support our leadership in dialogue with the French leader, but it is not worth seriously believing that he can carry some kind of peacekeeping agenda. There is nothing to negotiate with him. Moreover, everything is decided not in Paris and not in Berlin. Everything is decided by the Americans, who govern Kyiv.

“SP”: – The French Foreign Ministry was very worried about the death sentence that the DPR court pronounced on three foreign mercenaries. Are you worried about your legionnaires?

– I think yes. Two Frenchmen, as far as is known, have already been eliminated in battle. Although, in fact, much more. Therefore, the concern of the French diplomats is understandable, but, in my opinion, this is a hypocritical, nasty position.

Official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkov I have already said three times that mercenaries are not combatants and do not have the right to the status of prisoners of war. That is, the Geneva Convention does not apply to them. Therefore, at best, a tribunal awaits them. At worst, liquidation.

The French are outraged. Did they not know this? In general, I believe that we have come to the point where we no longer need to pay attention to either their anger or their flattering words. Because the French, perhaps, did not say out loud that they wanted to defeat Russia on the battlefield. But this does not mean at all that such thoughts do not visit them.

* Images of chevrons of the Azov Battalion, recognized as extremist by the decision of the Frunzensky District Court of Vladimir 11/30/2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials under item 3269.

* Organization recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia.

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