Sep 15, 2020
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50-year-old Sergei Glushko came to training with the hero of Roman Kurtsyn in the 4th season of the series “Fitness”

15:34, 09/15/2020

According to the plot, the pitching coach Oleg has a star client.

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The first season of the Russian comedy-drama series about the backstage of the elite sports club "Fitness" was watched by the viewers of the Super TV channel on October 15, 2015. According to the plot, the main character Asya (Sofya Zayka), thanks to a strong-willed decision to get rid of excess weight, ends up in the SuperFit sports club. The girl finds work, new friends and career opportunities here. So, by the 3rd season, Asya becomes the manager of a sports club, and in the 4th, after returning from an internship at an English business school, she takes over as director of a fitness club and is trying her best to match the image of a business woman. Under her leadership, the SuperFit club and its employees will see great changes.

The new episodes began airing yesterday, September 14. In the 4th season new clients will appear in the SuperFit club, including stellar ones. So, in one of the series starred Sergei Glushko, better known as Tarzan. According to the plot, the hero of Roman Kurtsyn Oleg conducts Tarzan's training and, showing off in front of his colleagues, is too fond of the role of a star coach. The answer is not long in coming: Glushko puts the arrogant hero in his place in a very original way.

By the way, Kurtsyn's partners on the court note that, unlike his hero, Roman is a very responsive and attentive coach. If one of the “Fitness” actors decides to practice a little during the breaks between scenes, Kurtsyn is the first person they turn to for advice or help.

50-year-old Sergei Glushko came to training with the hero of Roman Kurtsyn in the 4th season of the series "Fitness"

In addition to the beloved heroes performed by Alexei Demidov, Boris Dergachev, Tatyana Khramova and others, a new character will appear in Fitness in the new season - psychologist Eva Rudolfovna Trotskaya performed Sophia Doniants... “She is a bit alien and does not fit into normal human interactions. As a psychologist by profession, Eva is distinguished by a complete lack of empathy and a habit of subjecting everything to analysis. The external image was invented for her, she has a very strange wardrobe. But as an actress, such things help me a lot to reincarnate and feel the character, ”said Doniants.

Sophia Doniants

By the way, in the fourth season, the leading actress Sofya Zayka again tried on a wedding dress, already the fifth in a row. “This season starts again with my wedding scene. It seems to me that this is a great tradition and a cool "feature" of our project ", - said the actress.

Boris Dergachev and Sophia Zayka

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