Apr 27, 2021
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50-year-old Anita Tsoi discovered the secret of her youth

The national artist of the Russian Federation Anita Tsoi said that she did not go under the knife of a plastic surgeon and was rejuvenating in other ways.

50-year-old Anita Tsoi discovered the secret of her youth

In Russian show business, the singer Anita Tsoi is called a woman without age. The performer’s murla, who celebrated her 50th birthday in February, does not have a single wrinkle. According to Anita, Korean needles help her maintain skin tone.

“I have already“ entered ”Korean cosmetology a long time ago. There are a lot of interesting innovations there, which work miracles, “said Tsoi. As an example, she inserted eye patches with hyaluronic needles.

Anita stressed that the result of such a procedure is amazing. The Russian pop star puts on patches for several hours, and two days later, a rejuvenating effect is seen, reports “Interlocutor”.

Tsoi noticed that such patches with needles “stretch” the face and remove wrinkles under the burkala.

She testified that until she plans to turn to plastic surgeons, as if there are effective alternatives to preserving beauty.

In addition, the singer admitted that she trusts Korean specialists in weight loss issues. They offer Anita herbal preparations that improve metabolism.

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