Nov 2, 2021
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5 types of toxic people to get rid of right away

5 types of toxic people to get rid of immediately

What toxic people need to get rid of immediately?

“A person is a cross between the five people he spends time with most often.” Have you heard this saying? If you think about it, it really is true. After all, we adopt good and bad qualities, behavior, communication style from our relatives and friends. It is easy to understand that if we are surrounded only by positive, bright people, then we ourselves will be like that. But if there are only pessimists, narcissists and schemers around, we ourselves will notice that our relations with the world have deteriorated. The way out is simple: you need to erase from the life of people who bring us such troubles.

But how to understand what a person is dragging to the bottom? He can be sweet and helpful, like Katie in the movie “Unthinkable” (the woman got into the trust of a rich friend who could not give birth herself, and began to take her life). But when the truth is revealed, it may be too late. Here are the top five types of toxic people to avoid.

1. Gossip

Communicating with a gossip, you yourself are digging your own grave. Maybe this is tempting: the first to find out all the rumors about work colleagues or girlfriends. But know: if a gossip is talking about someone behind his back, it means that he is doing the same with respect to you. Also, when people see you with someone who has a reputation for gossiping, they think the same of you – even though you may not be interested in what is happening in the lives of others.

2. Manipulator

The more you communicate with the manipulator, the more you fall under his influence. Have you ever felt that you are not in control of your life? The manipulator knows better how you live. He studied all your sore spots and hits them, seeing the slightest resistance. The manipulator can be overbearing, demanding submission, or hiding behind the mask of a victim, making you constantly feel guilty.

3. Judge

This person does not see a log in his own eye, but in yours he will also see a straw. He will never try to take your place. It’s his job to judge what you have done and what you have not done. This can be expressed in constant criticism and nagging, as well as lengthy reasoning on the eternal topics “But the neighbor has already given birth to a second” or “And my friend’s husband buys a new car.” The more you are with the judge, the deeper you sink into depression, and your self-esteem suffers greatly. Such a person makes you timid and insecure, forcing you to live in fear: “What if he doesn’t like it?”, “What if I do something wrong again?”

4. Exaggerator

This person does not know the golden mean. He is inclined to make an elephant out of a fly and constantly operates with such statements as “You always …”, “You never …”. Any problem for him is the end of the world, and if you do not share his panic, then he is nothing to you. The exaggerator is never at rest. He is constantly worried about something, he lives as if on a volcano, and it is very difficult to be happy next to such a person. At least until he understands himself.

5. Complainant

This type of toxic personality is very emotional, but he absolutely does not care what others are feeling. He speaks only about his problems, presenting them in such a way that it starts to seem to you that these are your problems too. For example, a friend does not remember you when she is doing well: she meets a boyfriend, flies to the Dominican Republic, celebrates her birthday.

And then the guy turns out to be a fraud and disappears, she runs out of money, and she starts calling and complaining about your life. You feel depressed and as if guilty: a friend presses on pity, demanding attention to herself, like a small child. But when you offer her to solve the problem in one way or another, she will take your help with hostility: after all, she has already tried, but nothing helped.

Remember: we only have one life, and you shouldn’t waste it on people who take away some of your wonderful potential. Create a great company for yourself, surround yourself with interesting and intelligent people with high emotional intelligence, and you will feel more happy!

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