Dec 31, 2020
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5 tips to persuade even the most capricious child

5 tips to persuade even the most capricious child

Parental persuasions and requirements rarely act on a small child, even if it is the most obedient and well-mannered baby in the world. Therefore, each parent tries to find the right approach to his baby, to find the levers, by pressing which it will be easier for the little person to control.

We have prepared 5 little tricks, using which you can persuade your child to do anything! They work even on very harmful and capricious children. Try it yourself!

Take advantage of the FOMO phenomenon

This name stands for Fear of Missing Out – fear of missing something. And its essence is that children are very curious and they are constantly trying to get more impressions than they have at the moment.

Use this to persuade your child to do something he or she doesn’t like, for example, tell him, “Do you want to eat before school? Okay, then your favorite teddy bear will do it for you. Come on, bear, it’s your turn today! ” You won’t even notice how your child devours breakfast!

Add some magic

Add your favorite fairy tales to your child’s life. Believe me, it is much easier to persuade a kid to eat a magic egg than a regular one.

Encourage your child

It works flawlessly on children! Tell him: “If you brush your teeth now, I will allow you to eat ice cream later.”
But be careful that the small reward method does not turn into blackmail, and your relationship with your child does not become like a market one.

The Beasts Do It Too Method

It is much more interesting for a child to swim like a whale, eat salad like an iguana, or wash like a cat, than doing the same things just like that. Children adore animals, therefore, repeating after them, they can even do what they hate to do.

Let your child be wrong

While on a walk, do not restrict the baby all the time, let him crawl into a puddle or mud once. The next time he will not do this, because he will understand that all his actions entail consequences, and the prohibitions were not invented in vain.

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