May 19, 2020
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5 things that a man will never forgive his woman

The question of resentment remains open until it dissolves, becomes shallow and there is something that can overcome this pain by force. And this is understandable to any person, only everyone has their own values. Women are more emotional and outspoken, therefore it is usually believed that only a woman can harbor grievances. A man “doesn’t cry, only gets upset” ... But this does not mean at all that he doesn’t hurt, right?

Just as many women are not able to forgive some mistakes to their men, men are also not able to accept and forgive much to their ladies' hearts. They don’t give a sign, often they can’t even explain and sort through, which caused many years of sadness, and sometimes caused the abuse of “vitamins of calm and indifference.”

And yet, there are things that a man never forgives. If he can overcome the resentment and remain in the family, it is here that the gap that the relationship gave can be covered. The most painful thing that strikes a person’s pride is treason. But if in most cases a woman can turn a blind eye to the physical closeness of her partner with another, then for a man this misconduct may well be that fateful one, deciding the fate of your future relationship.

Below the belt - treason

In this case, it is necessary to distinguish between types of betrayal. It is the physical relationships of the beloved on the side that are painful for men, and the girls are hurt by innocent, at first glance, passionate correspondence on the Internet. A man may well forgive flirting in the virtual world of his beloved. Moreover, he will begin to engage in introspection, looking for the reason for such a woman's behavior in herself. But physical closeness with another will be a blow below the waist, because every man is the owner, and even the thought of betraying his beloved is unpleasant to him.

Knife to the heart - betrayal

They do not forgive betrayal. Even if the woman she loves does not shine and is unlikely to be able to solve the simplest crosswords, she should be wise enough to know that a man can never forgive a betrayal. He will withstand this blow with dignity, without showing slack in front of the one that was considered his favorite yesterday. But from now on, any relationship will be over. But betrayal should be understood not only as treason. Each man has his own stereotypes of the ideal lady of the heart, which a wise girl should not destroy.

Lying is the worst enemy of relationships

If there is no trust, then there will not be a good relationship between a man and a woman. But it should be noted that men may well compete for a leader’s place in the ability to crush morally if a woman has at least once been deceived. Representatives of the strong half of humanity hate lies. It equates to mortal sin in their eyes. Therefore, girls should think twice before trying to deceive their missus.

To compare means not to believe that the best is with you

No need to compare anyone. A huge mistake is made by women, deciding to cause a little jealousy of their man, comparing him with someone else. Each representative of a strong half of humanity considers himself unsurpassed and the best. Carrying out a comparative analysis, you run the risk of causing a powerful surge of negativity and constant reproaches against you. Is it worth it?

Where to put a comma: can not be humiliated together?

Unforgivable for a woman is an attempt to humiliate a man, emphasizing his weakness in sexual terms. Such an offense, he will never be able to forgive his beloved. And even if in some way she even hinted at the partner’s sexual impotence in the presence of a third person, she can safely say that your loving person will turn into your worst enemy. It's time to pack your bags, moving to live somewhere on the North Pole!

These are the mistakes that men cannot forgive their women. No matter how much they love and are attached to their companions in life, no one will be able to calmly accept even one of these misconducts. Therefore, you should not check the strength of your relationship in such stupid ways if you do not want to be in the status of a loner.

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