Oct 12, 2021
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5 reasons to eat rice every day: a nutritionist spoke about the benefits of rice for those who want to lose weight

5 reasons to eat rice every day: a nutritionist spoke about the benefits of rice for those who want to lose weight

Rice is a source of vitamins

Rice is a fairly common side dish, but at the same time it is underestimated, especially for those who are losing weight. It’s not even about food habits, just many do not notice its medicinal and fat-burning properties in rice. True, not all nutritionists consider it a correct nutritious product and forbid their patients to feast on the side dish popular in Asia. And in vain, because he is a source of nutrients. Indian dietitian Shikha Mahajan spoke about the benefits of rice for dieters.

Delicious and healthy

Rice is a storehouse of carbohydrates useful for the body, energizing a person. Moreover, it is rich in mass and other nutrients, for example, niacin, vitamin D, calcium, fiber, thiamine and riboflavin, on which not only the energy level and the functioning of all body systems depend, but also the work of the brain – the main organ of the central nervous system person, concluded the specialist.

In autumn, when the immune system needs special protection, and the body lacks vitamins and nutrients, it is necessary to add foods to the diet, which contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals. These include the popular grain crop. The nutritionist noted that rice is especially useful in autumn, since the substances contained in the product are able to strengthen the immune system and maintain its stable functioning.

Benefits for losing weight

For dieters, rice is of particular interest, since it contributes not only to the normalization of the metabolic system, but also to the acceleration of the metabolic process, Shikha Mahajan said.

People who eat exclusively gluten-free foods should not be afraid of rice. Fortunately, rice is one of them – even suitable for allergy sufferers suffering from this group of proteins. In addition, the product practically does not contain sodium, which exerts additional stress on the cardiovascular system, and, on the contrary, it is rich in iron – a substance that eliminates anemia that occurs during a sharp transition from a regular diet to a dietary one. So the product can be considered a real treasure, which is not just necessary, but necessary for absolutely everyone to stay in a healthy weight and spirit.

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