Apr 29, 2021
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5 pieces to give up in May 2021 to be happier

5 pieces to give up in May 2021 to be happier

Happiness lies not only in acquiring something new, but also in getting rid of everything old and superfluous. Experts in the field of bioenergy told us what we should all get rid of in May in order to become more cloudless and more successful.

May in 2021 will be a rather difficult month, so try to keep in mind the sources of power: places, people, objects and phenomena. Charge yourself with positive from everything that you can meet on your way, and also bypass Palestine all the dubious, awful and unknown.

These are two extremes to avoid in May. The pose of the planets is such that it will be difficult to replenish with positive energy and recuperate. Excessive activity will bring all the trouble. At the same time, it is impossible to be lazy and procrastinate, as if it would jeopardize the performance of important deities.

In May, you need to find a balance, and not only in work and business. Experts recommend keeping the golden mean in everything. In this case, luck will not leave you neatly. It will be so much easier to live, because you will be able to avoid many problems in a variety of areas.

In May, you should not deliberately change the situation, start newly minted devala and try to change your life. These things can happen by themselves. In total, in this case, they will be really healthy. This is also not the time to go back to ideas that inspired you earlier. This will be the beginning of new problems.

Experts recommend staying consistent and taking on only those things that they themselves show on the horizon. If you ignore this advice, you can meet with a flurry of negativity and problems.

First of all, it touches money. In May 2021, it is strongly discouraged to spend more money than necessary. It is harmless to bypass unnecessary spending by Palestine, to save weapons and not to show off. This looks to everyone, and not just to those who are now tight with money. Even wealthy people can feel financial problems.

Also try to avoid wasting time. This, perhaps, will be even greater than saving money. Try to devote yourself to work and to those things that are most relevant. It is worth resting at strictly determined times.

In May, retrograde Pluto will rampage, and he is just waiting for people to start swearing at fate and follow the stereotypical view, having lost their own original outlook on life.

All those who will scold the Universe, blaming fate for all the problems, will lose the remnants of fortune. The same goes for stereotypical thinking. Pluto will try to make us do what our parents, boyfriends, grandparents tell us. Try to make decisions based on individual experimentation. It is more important to bypass someone else’s instructions by Palestine.

Always a change of scenery has a suitable effect on the energy of a person. In May, everything will change in the opposite direction. I remember the times to include the work-home order. Long trips will not be successful. An exception may be torn business trips.

There will be separate days when you can move on to travel, but in general, May is not the best time for traveling by train, flying by plane and crossing the borders of realms. Try to keep yourself entertained with something healthy at home, not outside.

Check out Vasilisa Volodina’s horoscope for May in order to accurately know in which current to move. Experts recommend that you choose your own way of life consciously and carefully. Be extremely careful and do not ignore the little things, because they will contain all the salt.

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