Apr 29, 2021
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5 most dangerous days in May 2021

5 most dangerous days in May 2021

In the distance, not always everything in our life goes as if we had planned. In the five most dangerous days of May, the likelihood of disruption of plans and the appearance of problems will be the longest. Astrologers told why this will happen and how to get around the Palestinian turmoil.

The most dangerous days are the times when luck leaves us or there is no point in it. Try on the days listed below to use fortune amulets and bypass unnecessary risks to Palestine. May each of these days be serene and full of kindheartedness, and not problems and negativity.

Venus in Gemini feels pretty awful. This is a windy and somewhat unpredictable Sign, which droplet reduces the positive activity of Venus. This day may not be classified as dangerous, but unfavorable it can be honored irrespectively neatly. The problem is more in a strong drop in energy, because in Taurus this planet is as large as possible, and in Gemini it loses approximately half of its positive properties. It will be an unpredictable day.

Saturn on the 23rd begins its return movement, which will increase the activity of toxic people. This will last until October 11, but on May 23, you should be as frugal as possible in dealing with those you don’t like. Also, this planet will try to make you forget about your top priorities by changing the course of movement. There is no need to listen to intuition and the voice of the heart on this day.

It will be the most dangerous day in May and probably the most dangerous day in spring. On May 26, there will be an absolute monthly eclipse in the Sign of Sagittarius. This will make most people very feverish, vindictive, and hot-tempered. On this day, experts advise against spending countless hours driving and not traveling.

Extremely dangerous this day will be made by the fact that the Moon will approach the Earth at the maximum intimate distance. This means that the negative impact of the eclipse will increase by 15-20%. On the 26th, it is more important not to make purchases and not take on new deals. Risks and adventures will lead to a fiasco.

The next conjunction of Venus and Mercury in this one will occur on May 29. In this one, the planets will meet in the Sign of Gemini. It will be a day of deception, pretense, negative emotions. Astrologers strongly advise on May 29 not to dive into unpleasant notes, not to engage in introspection and self-digging.

On this day, you can airily lose friends, be disappointed in your beloved people. Treat disappointments and unpleasant incidents like an attempt by the universe to lend a helping hand. It will be much more disheartening if on a day like this, nothing happens at all.

This will be Mercury’s second retrograde movement in 2021. May 30 is a dangerous day, as if it were the initial day of the planet’s reverse motion. On this day, unpleasant changes in the field of finance can be expected. The negative impact of the planet will be maximum, so much as if Mercury at this moment will be in its most suitable Sign – Gemini. Many people will lose strength on this day, memory and attentiveness will deteriorate. It will be very difficult to do even the most familiar work. Try not to make mistakes on this day.

In addition to the negative days, there will also be days of power in May that the experts introduced you to earlier. Remember that all bad things are balanced by good things. If on any of the days you get disappointed or get a dose of negative emotions, do not despair. The universe will certainly make amends for you.

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