Feb 20, 2021
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5 most dangerous days in March 2021

5 most dangerous days in March 2021

The experts spoke about the five most dangerous days of March, in which we can be overtaken by bad luck and big problems in various areas of life. Try to be frugal on the dates listed below.

March is the prime of life. Three helpful exercises will help you become more active and energetic. Try not to be discouraged, even if one of the days described by the bassist will overtake you in trouble. Stay cheerful, no matter what happens.

This is the initial of the two days of the Moon’s perigee in March. These are the times when the Month is placed to the Earth more sincerely than the total, therefore its energy becomes much more powerful than ever. On the 2nd, the falling Month will find itself in the Sign of Libra, which will negatively affect the luck of people. Because of the perigee, its impact will be doubly dangerous. Astrologers recommend on this day more rest and less overwork. Quarrels and conflicts can also be extremely destructive.

Mars is the red planet of strength, courage and assertiveness. During the transition to the Gemini Sign, there is a shrill decline in positive energy, because Gemini symbolizes duality. Mars is not comfortable in this position. In addition, a person cannot be big and weak all of a sudden, so in the life of many of us there will come a stage of uncertainty, trepidation, a decrease in faith in ourselves. On this day, many will behave extremely unpredictable. Be thrifty when dealing with strangers.

This is a very light pose for Mercury as it transitions into the Water Sign. People’s thinking will become a little blurry. Try to remain self-critical so that problems go around Palestine on the 15th. It is possible that the planet will begin to do everything possible in order to exacerbate the stereotypical thinking of people. It will become more difficult to distinguish between good and bad, so in some situations you should rely on intuition. People will be ready for idealism and perfectionism. The single plus of this day is increased learning ability.

Venus is the planet of love and pure life energy. It belongs to the objects of the elements of Spirit and Water, combining in itself all the most important of these two elements. Aries is the element of Heat, which throws Venus out of balance, and, therefore, you and me too. This will be the day when things can go awry. People will become hostile, greedy, not ready to compromise. Also, many of us are facing financial problems. Unusually, it touches those who will be ripped off to go on a business trip.

Venus and the Sun in conjunction give a powerful release of negative energy. All the most awful things about these space objects are knocked out. This is the day when many people will commit ill-considered actions. Most of us will have to deal with the consequences of our impulsiveness. Astrologers and experts strongly recommend not to forget about common sense and respect the people around you. It’s more important this Friday not to stay late at the office. Homemade girls will help you to relax.

It doesn’t matter what makes your life go awry, but if it does, there are seven helpful ways to help you step onto the bright spot. May this March be filled with love and positive for you, even on dangerous days.

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