Dec 30, 2020
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5 most dangerous days in January 2021

5 most dangerous days in January 2021

Dangerous days are times when it is worth being thrifty. Astrologers talked about which days of January will be the most unfavorable. During such periods, try to follow the recommendations of the experts and look both ways.

Most negative days in January are tied to the behavior of Mercury. You can even say that to some extent January will be under his control. The shadow of this planet can fall on everyone. However, many problems can be circumvented by Palestine. To do this, you need to program yourself for success from the first days and not plan great events on dangerous dates.

The initial dangerous day will be associated with the area of ​​love and communication. Pluto and Mercury are similar in this regard, because both planets affect a person’s communication skills. The January aspect will reveal all the most negative that both space objects carry. On the 5th, causeless grievances, major quarrels and troubles in the family are possible. Everyone who will be innumerable at work on this day should look more responsibly at the choice of words. Try not to offend the interlocutor and cut off all attempts to manipulate you through streamlined wording or phrases with a vague reason.

Mars is a very large planet, rewarded with aggression and negativity, unusually in such a Sign as Taurus. The most dangerous day will be the initial day of the planet’s stay in this Sign. The transition will be pretty tough. The restructuring of the energy sector will happen briskly and dramatically. It is possible that on this day, resting people will have disturbing thoughts about work, business and problems. The tight-fitting ones can become uncompromising and stubborn, unusually if Mars rules their zodiac sign.

Two unpleasant dates at once. Saturn and Jupiter now move across the night sky utilitarian synchronously and at one point. On the 10th, Mercury will stick in conjunction with Saturn, and on the 11th – with Jupiter. This aspect is extremely negative, because it reveals all the most awful things that are in the participating planets. The Mercury-Saturn-Jupiter trio will do so much that January 10 and 11 will become the most dangerous days of the alphabet of the year. These days, it is more important not to take risks, not to start new deals and rely only on common reason and personal life experience, to abandon major transactions and acquisitions. If there is no choice, it is more important to use financial amulets for successful purchases.

This is a very bad day. The initial day of Mercury’s return motion is a time of chaos and confusion. Everything that happens around, always makes people bewildered and wonder how this is even possible. The last two days of January can throw us countless problems. Failures of plans, failure in communication and romantic plans are possible. On Saturday, January 30 and Sunday 31st, astrologers advise that you can leave the house thinner. It is harmless not to go on a long journey and not make appointments. New acquaintances can also bring some problems.

Experts point out that following the eight Zen principles will help you overcome January’s problems. Cloudless is the one who is in harmony with himself and with the world, because then the world reciprocates to us.

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