Oct 11, 2021
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5 helpful tips for choosing a TV

5 useful tips for choosing a TV

How to choose a TV, read the article

Choosing a TV today is not an easy task. The market surprises with an abundance of offers, among which it is important to find both an inexpensive but high-quality and reliable device with good picture quality and clear sound. What to look for in order not to miscalculate with the purchase, we tell in this article.

Matrix – item number 1

Any TV is primarily selected for the quality of the image, for which the matrix is ​​responsible.

In 2021, manufacturers offer the following options:
LED – a classic LCD panel with LEDs used in budget models;
OLED – matrix based on organic LEDs with separate pixel backlighting, which guarantees high contrast and uniform viewing angles;
QLED – TVs with LEDs based on quantum dots, something in between in image quality between LED and OLED;
Nano Cell is a specially coated matrix that filters out dull colors for the most vivid and realistic picture.

If your goal is to save money, take a look at the LED models. QLED and Nano Cell matrices are a solid “middling”, and the best image quality is provided by devices based on OLED.

Permission – point number 2

The principle “the higher the better” works here. The most inexpensive TVs run at HD resolution, which today only looks acceptable on small screens. Full HD and 4K (Ultra HD) resolutions are considered modern standards, and 4K is undoubtedly better in all respects and is more common in models with a diagonal of 40 ″ or more. On large diagonals (70 ″ or more) 8K resolution is recommended, because a smaller one is not enough to provide a high pixel density per inch.

Diagonal – point number 3

There is a gold standard: the ideal diagonal of the screen in centimeters should be equal to ⅓ of the distance from the viewer. It is very simple to calculate it: you need to decide in advance where exactly the TV will hang or stand in the room, and then measure the distance from this place to the resting place. We subtract ⅓ part from the received figure and get the recommended screen diagonal. The greater the distance to the eyes, the larger the TV can be, but you should not abuse it, otherwise there is a risk of impairing your eyesight.

Functionality – item number 4

The functionality of modern TVs is not at all what it was literally 10 years ago. Most of the models are equipped with a Wi-Fi module for interfacing with the Internet and data transfer. The device can have a built-in TV tuner that receives a digital signal and converts it into an image with sound. At the peak of popularity are TVs with SMART TV technology, which brings the device closer in functionality to a computer.

Brand – item number 5

Usually, a TV is bought into the house for many years, so you should not save and buy a budget model from unknown manufacturers who have just appeared on the market. It is better to give preference to a trusted brand – for example, any LG TV will definitely serve you for many months, and in the event of a breakdown, you can contact an official service center for free warranty service.

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