Dec 29, 2020
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5 health benefits of quinoa That is why you should pay attention to these grains …

5 health benefits of quinoa  That is why you should pay attention to these grains ...

Quinoa is an annual plant that is native to South America. It has an ancient origin. Quinoa grains were one of the staple foods of the Indians along with potatoes and corn. The plant is also known by such names – “rice quinoa”, “quinoa”, “quinoa” and “movie quinoa”.

Quinoa has many health benefits. It is quite difficult to find this product in ordinary supermarkets, but it is still on sale. Quinoa seeds are a must-try for those who care about their health. Read about the top five health benefits of quinoa and make sure it’s a must for the body.

Contains protein

One of the most notable benefits of quinoa is its high protein content. Quinoa grains, like milk, contain 9 amino acids, from which proteins are built. For this reason, eating South American quinoa is ideal for people who follow a vegetarian diet. They can get enough protein from it, which they need to build and repair muscle.

Diet product

Don’t worry if you’re on a diet. There are only 172 calories in 1/4 cup of quinoa. Quinoa is also an excellent source of complex carbohydrates that provide the body with the energy it needs. Complex carbohydrates enter the bloodstream very slowly, which is why a person feels full for a long time.

Gluten Free (Gluten Free)

Quinoa is ideal for people who are gluten intolerant or allergic to gluten. Since grains do not contain gluten, they can be consumed by those who suffer from celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Quinoa is also suitable for people who are health conscious and don’t want to eat gluten-containing foods.

Contains vitamin B2 (riboflavin)

Quinoa is recommended for people suffering from severe migraine attacks, as the product contains a large amount of vitamin B2, which effectively fights this disease. This vitamin is also needed to convert fats and carbohydrates into energy, and is also used to treat anemia.

Delicious addition to dishes

There are many delicious quinoa recipes. Grains can be added to soups, salads, sauces, and other dishes. Because of its versatility, quinoa should be included in everyone’s diet.

In addition, quinoa contains phosphorus (three times more than rice). And also the product is rich in iron (twice as much as wheat), calcium and zinc. Try cooking quinoa grains and experience all the benefits of this healthy product.

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