Aug 3, 2022
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5 bathroom tile alternatives

5 bathroom tile alternatives

Indeed, this option for finishing the wettest room in the house is the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are materials that will be a good alternative to tile in the bathroom.

The first option is paint.

For the bathroom, we strongly advise you to choose silicate or silicone water-dispersion paints, as they are most resistant to moisture and damage. And do not forget to pre-treat the walls with an anti-mold agent, also choose paint with antibacterial properties.

The second option is wallpaper

Certainly not paper! For the bathroom, you must choose a moisture-resistant, washable wallpaper. They have markings on the packaging – three waves and a brush. A good choice would be, for example, vinyl wallpaper, durable, thick enough to mask minor wall irregularities. Also suitable liquid, glass. By the way, if you didn’t know, today some manufacturers offer wallpaper with a protective coating, which can even be used to decorate the facades of buildings. In the bathroom, such wallpaper will definitely last a very long time.

Important! If you’re still worried about the durability of bathroom paint and wallpaper, lay tiles in the wettest places – around the sink and the bath itself, in the place of the shower.

Option three – wall panels

Only not PVC, only not plastic – the designers are literally begging! Whatever color and option you choose, this finish will still look cheap. Wall panels made of MDF, which are not afraid of moisture, look much more attractive. There is a downside to finishing the bathroom with panels – precious centimeters of area will be “eaten up”. And plastic, as the designers assure, today will be appropriate only on the ceiling.

The most expensive finishing option is natural wood of moisture-resistant species, such as larch and merbau, which has undergone special processing.

Option four – glass

Glass panels can not only fence off the shower cabin, but also clad all the walls. And under the glass, place all the same wallpaper or draw a picture with paint. It will turn out durable and beautiful, tempered glass is very difficult to damage. But the minus is obvious – all the drops will be perfectly visible on the glass.

Option five – brick and concrete

Yes, such a brutal finish, or rather, its absence, is a fashion trend today. Therefore, you can leave one of the walls brick, use decorative natural gray concrete throughout the room. By the way, the designers assure that modern plumbing will look especially advantageous against such a neutral gray background. Just do not forget to cover the concrete and brick in the bathroom with a protective coating with antiseptic properties, a special varnish.

Of course, there are still such alternatives to ordinary bathroom tiles as porcelain tiles, mosaics, natural stone. But these are either familiar or very expensive finishing options.

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