Apr 20, 2021
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48-year-old Vlad Lisovets first told that he has two children

14:48, 04/20/2021

The stylist refused to give the names of the offspring and their gender.

Stylist Vlad Lisovets is not married. In addition, the 48-year-old showman never talked about having children. He admitted that he does not see himself as the ideal parent. However, it turned out that Lisovets has two children.

Vlad told a story that happened many years ago. Then he met with a girl who later became pregnant from him. “As I was told, I have two children. I will not say gender or names. We had a personal conflict with that girl … Women are strange, emotional creatures. But now we are in a great relationship. I saw pictures of children, ”Lisovets admitted.

Vlad Lisovets in the “Empathy Manuchi” YouTube show

According to Lisovets, children are not at all like him in appearance. “At the genetic level, I have something to leave to whom,” the stylist emphasized. According to him, earlier he did not dare to create a full-fledged family, as he believed that his ego would greatly interfere in the process of building family relations. “But now I want children … Now is exactly the state when you can really give someone time,” Vlad said in the YouTube show “Empathy Manuchi”.

Lisovets complains that by the age of 50 most people tend to surround themselves with a bunch of children. “In our society, the norm is children, grandchildren, photographs with them … We are not allowed to be ourselves,” emphasizes Vlad. However, Lisovets admitted that he would not want for his offspring such a childhood as he had. “At the age of 16, I sat in the kitchen in a communal apartment and drove the thought that I was mediocre – since no one praises me, that I am ugly – since no one told me this, and also that I’m not talented,” the showman shared.

Vlad Lisovets with his mother

It is worth noting that Vlad Lisovets was very close friends with Zhanna Friske. So, last year, when it was exactly five years from the date of the singer’s death, the stylist told how, three months before leaving this life, the star, who had already seen practically nothing, came to his salon to do the last hairstyle. Lisovets noted that at that moment Zhanna already understood what was happening to her, she underwent a difficult course of treatment. According to him, Friske did not ask for a screen, and refused to let Vlad do her hair at home or in a closed space.

“I remember that I removed the sound in the salon and asked everyone who was there:“ Guys, turn on all your theatrical skills, please. Zhanna Friske will be there. No whispering, glancing at each other, phones and conversations. The most you can say to Jeanne is hello. ” There was a full salon: administrators, clients – everyone was in some kind of shock. By that time, Zhanna had lost weight, but she was still big, limped, and walked with a cane. I ran out to her car, wanted to shake hands, but she replied: ‘No, I myself’. I was dumbfounded, and Zhanna went into the salon, smiled at everyone, everything was as usual, boasted about her new sneakers, greeted everyone, asked where she should sit … Then I nevertheless gathered my strength and asked: ‘Zhanna, how are we going to get a haircut? ” And she answered: ” Yes, no difference. I still don’t see anything, ” said Lisovets.

Archival photograph of Vlad Lisovets and Zhanna Friske

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