Feb 23, 2021
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47-year-old Sergei Bezrukov said that he received a back injury

04:11, 02/23/2021

The actor had to turn to osteopaths in order to recover before the performance.

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In December last year, the premiere of the play “Uncle Vanya” took place. The production was directed by Sergey Bezrukov, who also played the main role in the project. The play has been successfully running at the Moscow Provincial Theater for three months, but an unpleasant incident occurred before the recent show.

In his microblog on Instagram, Bezrukov said that he was injured before the performance. Sergei ripped off his back. The artist had to turn to professionals to improve his health before showing the performance. “Before” Uncle Vanya “tore off my back. I had to contact my friends osteopaths. They restored it, I thought I wouldn’t go on stage… nothing, I diverged, ”the actor shared (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given without changes hereinafter. Prim. row.). Bezrukov also thanked the friend who came to his rescue and added that he could not afford to get sick now – in a couple of days Sergey was participating in the next performance.

Sergey Bezrukov is recovering from a back injury

Sergei also said that children are helping him to recover faster. The artist posted a photo in which he spends time with his son and daughter. It is noteworthy that, despite the injury, Bezrukov allowed his offspring to sit on his back. “Children are the best medicine !!! Back treatment is going great! ” – wrote the actor. Recall that Sergei with his wife Anna Mathison brings up a four year old Mary and two-year Stepan… The star does not like souls in her children and willingly shares footage of spending time with her daughter and son.

Bezrukov also likes to show the success of his offspring. For example, last month an actor posted video, on which his daughter first got on skis. It is worth noting that during the New Year holidays, the artist spent a lot of time with his family. So, in the microblogging on Instagram, the actor also showed how his son was led by his parents decorates the tree… In addition, Sergei delighted the audience with a video on which his children slide downhill

Sergey Bezrukov with children

By the way, Anna Mathison previously admitted that Bezrukov is a wonderful father. Sergei significantly helped his wife after the birth of children. The actor even sacrificed his favorite work and took a month’s maternity leave to spend more time with his family. Bezrukov himself stated that the role of a father is easy for him. By the way, Sergey is trying to instill a love for theater and cinema in his daughter and son. From an early age, Maria and Stepan visit film sets with their parents, and also watch various performances from behind the scenes.

We add that Mathison and Bezrukov officially formalized their relationship in 2016. Rumors of a romance between the actor and the director began to gain momentum a year before the stars’ wedding. Interestingly, at that time Sergey was still married to Irina Bezrukova… The artist met Anna on the set of a comedy “Milky Way”… By the presentation of the film, Bezrukov had already divorced his former lover and attended the event in the company of Mathison.

Sergey Bezrukov and Anna Matison in 2017.

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