Feb 17, 2021
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47-year-old Maria Mironova said that she had had a coronavirus with her one-year-old son

19:09, 17.02.2021

The actress and Fedor contracted COVID-19 on New Year’s Eve 2021.

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COVID-19 did not pass by the actress Maria Mironova. Together with her, her one-year-old son fell ill with coronavirus Fedorwho was born in September 2019. The artist noted that due to an illness she spent a whole month at home in quarantine.

According to Mironova, she and her son fell ill with coronavirus on New Year’s Eve 2021. The actress noted that that period was very difficult for her: “An incomprehensible disease, depressive. Whoever has been ill – knows … There are some panic attacks, you sit and do not understand what will happen tomorrow. It seems like I recovered for a week, everything is fine, the tests are good, and after a week bang – the temperature. The unpredictability of the flow is frightening and that every second it can taxi into a completely different form, more severe. “

Maria noted that her son Fyodor was the first to fall ill and only then she: “He fell ill in a mild form, like ARVI. And he was the first to get sick, we are already behind him. It’s a strange New Year, when instead of gifts you go to buy a huge amount of some non-holiday nonsense. Finger pulse oximeter – to measure some kind of oxygen saturation, inhalers, a bunch of drugs, vitamins. “

Maria Mironova with her son

Now Mironova feels well and is preparing to open her own company for the production of correct sweets “Sladchuka” – as she calls her one-year-old son. According to the actress, the boy is very fond of treats. As Maria said, she decided to create an alternative to chocolates and marmalade, so that in the future her son would not lean on artificial confectionery.

Maria told the publication “7 Days” that after giving birth her taste preferences have changed. For example, she was not averse to eating sweets. But in order to stay in excellent shape, Mironova did not allow herself too much. She noted that she now eats intermittent fasting. According to Mironova, the struggle for harmony is not easy for her. “I practically didn’t eat for half a year + sports. Otherwise, it would have been tough, ”the actress said in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given unchanged. Prim. row.). Mironova said that the weight did not go away for a long time, and now it continues to change periodically. “Weight is still walking, for 1.5 years already … +7, – 5, if I don’t eat at all,” the actress shared.

47-year-old Maria Mironova told how she lost weight a year after the birth of her youngest son

It should be added that after Mironova announced pregnancy, many did not believe that the actress was carrying the child. There were rumors that Maria allegedly turned to a surrogate mother for help, and she herself wore a false belly all the time. However, the star denied these speculations. Mironova said: there is nothing wrong with pregnancy after 40 years. In her opinion, having a child at this age only prolongs youth. She noted that many people saw her “in position.” “There are too many witnesses of pregnancy, including doctors, certificates and documents. I filmed in July with a belly. The costumes were changed more than once, ”the artist explained.

It is noteworthy that Maria hides the identity of the father of her child. It is known that in 2017 she got married in Greece, where she gave birth to her youngest son. Then she argued that her husband was not related to the film industry. But, according to rumors, Fyodor’s father is Andrei Soroka, who is 19 years younger than Mironova. Surrounded by the actress, they confirmed that her husband is an actor. In particular, this was reported by Maria’s colleague Artem Khabarov

Andrey Soroka

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