Jan 7, 2021
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47-year-old Maria Mironova published a video of a Christmas walk with her one-year-old son

14:03, 07.01.2021

The actress took Fedor around the tree and took him on a sleigh.

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At the end of September last year, the youngest son of Maria Mironova Fedor one year old. For a long time after the birth of the baby, the 47-year-old actress did not show his face, covering the photo with a sticker. Andrei Mironov’s daughter declassified Fyodor’s appearance only when he was one year old, and a month later showed the child in all its glory. In the past few months, Mironova has occasionally shown new photos and videos of Fedor.

Maria Mironova on Christmas Eve went for a walk with her one-year-old son. She posted a video of their winter fun in the Stories section of her microblog on Instagram. The actress took the baby for a ride on a sled, and then walked with him, still walking uncertainly through the snowdrifts, around a decorated Christmas tree.

Maria Mironova showed a walk with her son

By the way, Maria met the New Year at home with her family. As the artist noted, the end of the year was not joyful. “I really want to leave all the difficulties of this year behind, especially when I felt all the symptoms of this insidious disease COVID, a few days before the New Year !!! Take care of yourself and your loved ones! May God give us back to normal, before the next pandemic mode !!! May God give everyone Health !!! #Covidokhodi, ”Mironova wrote in her microblog on Instagram.

Maria Mironova met the New Year with her family

We will remind, the unexpected birth of a son from Maria Mironova last year quickly became overgrown with rumors. The fact is that at that time the actress was 46 years old. In addition, she was not often shown in public in position. Evil tongues claimed that Fyodor was given birth by a surrogate mother, but Mironova wanted to hide this fact and wore an invoice “pregnant” belly. However, Maria refuted these speculations, insisting that she carried her youngest son and gave birth to herself. Shortly before the birth, Mironova went to one of the elite maternity hospitals in Greece, where she gave birth to a son. Despite Fedor’s small age, the actress does not leave her job. On Mother’s Day, she revealed that her one-year-old son stayed at home while she was on the “glamorous shoot.”

Mironova’s eldest son Andrei with his younger brother

It is worth noting that the identity of the baby’s father is shrouded in mystery. As Maria’s mother, actress Ekaterina Gradova, confirmed, her daughter is legally married to her husband. However, she gave her daughter a promise not to reveal the identity of her husband. At the same time, the first wife of Andrei Mironov noted that her son-in-law is an extraordinary person. Interestingly, Fedor’s paternity was attributed to the same age as Mironova’s eldest son, actor Andrei Soroka. But Maria noted that her chosen one is not associated with show business, but works in a Russian-Japanese production company.

We add that Maria Mironova was married four times. In 1992, she gave birth to a son, Andrey, from a media manager. Igor Udalov… The first-born of the actress followed in the footsteps of his mother, having entered and graduated from the Shchukin school. Second marriage to a politician Dmitry Klokov was short-lived and Maria did not advertise information about him. Mironova’s third marriage is considered an alliance with the son of Lyubov Polishchuk, Alexei Makarov. Rumors about the registration of their relationship appeared in 2012, and in 2013 – information about a divorce. Maria Andreevna herself did not confirm or deny talk about this marriage, noting that warm feelings connected her with Makarov since her youth.

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