Jul 23, 2020
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46-year-old Ekaterina Volkova was cured of hepatitis C

16:00, 22.07.2020

The actress had contracted the deadly virus during a blood transfusion after losing a baby from her second husband.

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In January of this year, the actress Ekaterina Volkova became the guest of the program "the Secret to a million." In conversation with leading Leroy Kudryavtseva, the star admitted that he was terminally ill. It was later revealed that doctors diagnosed actress hepatitis. For a long time Catherine was silent about his illness. And only it became known today, Volkova managed to defeat the deadly disease.

"Friends! 12 weeks treatment of Hepatitis C behind and here is the result — 0! No hepatitis — all. Point. The disease is curable! Thank you all for the empathy and excitement! And for those who have not won this disease, go ahead, everything is fine, all you get — be healthy, believe, and go to meet the recovery and a happy healthy life!!! Thank you all for your support and my beloved India, for the medicine that really heals for little money all Health and joy Hurrah!" — Ekaterina has shared the good news in his microblog in Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author here and further are given without changes. — Approx. ed.).

Ekaterina Volkova were able to defeat the hepatitis

It should be noted that his diagnosis Volkova found out you were married to producer Sergei Clientel. During the filming of "KGB in a tuxedo" in Czech actress, who was pregnant, became ill. Doctors have long fought for life Catherine and her child. A month later the doctors decided to do an artificial birth. After the surgery the actress urgently needed a blood transfusion, during which her and infected with the deadly virus. The loss of a child and the disease has been disrupted family life Volkova and Clientele. Sergey, from fear of the sickness, gradually began to move away from his wife. In the end, the couple divorced.

To cope with the experienced and once again feel the joy of motherhood Catherine helped relations with the prominent writer and politician Eduard Limonov. Despite the fact that between them was a 30 year age difference, Catherine and Edward Veniaminovich officially legalize their relationship. In this marriage Volkova born two children — a son Bogdan and daughter Alexandra. By the way, the Lemons for the first time became a father. However, family life actress and writer lasted only three years, after which they divorced. How then told Volkov, Eduard Veniaminovich was not ready for children.

Eduard Limonov and Ekaterina Volkova

We will remind that on March 17 it became known about the death of 77-year-old Eduard Limonov. As you know, a writer for a long time struggled with cancer, although, prefer to hide the disease from the public. Two days before the death of Edward Veniaminovich was urgently hospitalized in the hospital. It was prepared from the two operations, however, the heart of Limonov did not survive. It is noteworthy that Volkov refused to comment on the news of the death of his ex-wife. "After a long illness, died the father of my children Eduard Limonov. Please do not call me. No comment," wrote the actress on the day after the death of the father of their children.

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