Jan 10, 2021
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45-year-old Anna Banshchikova published a beach photo from a vacation in Miami

11:12, 10.01.2021

The actress spends her holidays with her family.

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Anna Banshchikova spends New Year’s holidays in America with her family. First, the actress, her husband and children explored New York. Now they are enjoying a beach holiday in Miami. Anna generously shares shots from the most famous resort city in the United States on social networks. However, earlier the star of the series “Snooper” published only beach photos of children, but today she herself decided to show off her toned figure in a swimsuit. “When the morning is really good,” Banshchikova signed the snapshot laconically.

45-year-old Anna Banshchikova published a beach photo from a vacation in Miami

Recall that Anna Banshchikova gave birth to three children from her second husband – Vsevoloda Shakhanova… The actress and lawyer got married in March 2007. In the summer of the same year, their first son was born. Michael… In 2009, Anna gave her husband a second heir – Alexandra… In 2017, the couple had a third child – a daughter Maria… Despite the presence of three children, Anna Banshchikova continues to actively act in films and does not think about pause in her career.

Anna Banshchikova with her husband and children

By the way, at the end of October 2020, the shooting of the sixth season of the series Bloodhound, which brought Anna Banshchikova popular love, began. It should be noted that Snoop became the most popular and watched series in the history of the IVI online cinema and was broadcasted with great success. The premiere of a multi-part tape about the work of the investigation department in a small seaside town took place on Channel One in 2016. In the center of the plot “Snoopers” is the head of the criminal investigation department Alexandra Kushnir, who, thanks to her logic, successfully uncovers even the most complicated crimes.

It is noteworthy that Anna Banshchikova’s four-year-old daughter Maria also took part in the work on “Snoop”. In the fourth season, the girl played the young son of the main character, Yura. “It is almost impossible to force a two-year old child to call you mom – it’s even harder for it to sound so warm, so my daughter is filming,” the actress said in an exclusive video interview for Around TV.

Anna Banshchikova’s daughter took part in the dubbing of the series

Anna Banshchikova said that the idea of ​​using Masha in the filming and giving her the role of a boy belongs to director Dmitry Brusnikin, who filmed the first seasons of the film detective. Recall that Brusnikin passed away in 2018: at the age of 59, the director died of heart failure. In the project “Snoop” he was replaced by Andrey Golovkov, known for the TV series “Youth”. “We loved Dmitry Vladimirovich very much and we still love him. After Dmitry Vladimirovich, it was generally difficult to work with someone. But we worked together, and everything worked out well for us, ”admitted Anna Banshchikova.

Exclusive video interview of Anna Banshchikova for “Around TV”

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