Oct 16, 2020
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44-year-old Dana Borisova explained why she refuses marriage proposals

11:05, 16.10.2020

The TV presenter is happy with what her life is like now.

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The personal life of 44-year-old Dana Borisova is constantly becoming an object of discussion. So, she is periodically accused of a selfish attitude towards men and is associated with significant people in Russian business. The media even reported that financial support for Dana Borisova was provided by Viktor Baturin, the ex-husband of producer Yana Rudkovskaya.

Despite all the rumors, Dana works a lot, appears in projects on television and leads various corporate and social events. Previously, the star dreamed of meeting the love of her life and getting married, but she made serious demands on the potential boyfriend Borisova. In her opinion, a man should be positive, solvent and positive. However, as Dana admitted, now everything has changed. She said that now she does not want to get married at all, because she is already fine.

Dana Borisova with her daughter Polina

“I really don't want any husband. Why do I need it? I am far from alone. I have a family: mom, dad, daughter Polina, friends, acquaintances. What kind of prejudice? If a woman is not married, then she is somehow flawed? " - said Borisova.

The TV presenter added that now no one invites her to marry. Dana believes that perhaps this is due to the fact that no one sees her readiness. Although, as the TV personality admits, sometimes marriage proposals appear in her posts on social networks. “On Instagram, of course, various fools write:“ Dana, marry me! ” But this is such nonsense that if I do react, it’s only for fun, ”Dana explained to the“ Interlocutor ”publication.

Dana Borisova with her mother

It should be noted that Dana does not remain without attention. The other day she visited the set of the show "Tonight". Dana appeared in a dress with Swarovski crystals worth 150 thousand rubles. Borisova admitted that she received many compliments from the opposite sex. “Even women were delighted with my appearance. Clara Novikova was sitting next to her and constantly repeated: “My God, Dana, how beautiful you are! You just shine! " I'll tell you a secret: I asked a fashion designer for this dress for broadcast. After filming, I called her: "I am ready to be a slave, work on plantations, collect rice, but I will not return the dress!" - said Borisova.

Dana Borisova on the set of the show "Tonight"

According to Borisova, she is completely satisfied with her current life. Dana used to be worried about her relationship with her only daughter. Polina... In recent years, they have had conflicts. A couple of times mother and daughter quarreled in public, after which Polina went to live with her grandmother. But, according to Borisova, now they have managed to establish communication.

We add that the TV presenter earns good money thanks to participation in talk shows. Borisova made a break in her career only for the time of the decree - in 2007, when her daughter Polina appeared from the civil husband of a businessman Maxim Aksenova, with whom the star later parted. By the way, in 2015, Dana married a businessman Andrey Tishchenko, however, the marriage did not last even a year. In March 2016, the TV presenter herself filed for divorce unilaterally through the magistrate.

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