Feb 22, 2021
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42-year-old Sofiko Shevardnadze will become a mother for the first time

07:57, 22.02.2021

The TV presenter announced her pregnancy.

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The granddaughter of the ex-president of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze Sofiko Shevardnadze know the host of the talk show “Just about complicated things” on the Yandex. Ether, as well as the author of the SophieCo Visionaries program on the Russia Today TV channel. The 42-year-old star rarely talks about her personal life, but last Saturday, as part of a conversation about motherhood on the Clubhouse social network, Sofiko said that she would soon become a mother. No other details were given from the expectant mother. Shevardnadze did not spread about her pregnancy in her microblog on Instagram, publishing only a small report on the conversation in the Clubhouse.

Sofiko Shevardnadze spoke about the conversation at the Clubhouse

We add that the marriage of Sofiko Shevardnadze is also unknown. The TV presenter herself admitted in one of her interviews that 21 years ago she was going to marry a young Georgian director, but broke off the engagement a few weeks before the wedding. In addition, there were rumors about the affair of a television star with Alexei Chadov. Recall that the 39-year-old actor had been officially married to Agnia Ditkovskite for five years, whom he had met for about five more years before. The couple was formed in 2006, and in 2009, the lovers broke up. On the set of the series “A Matter of Honor”, the feelings of the actors flashed again. In August 2012, Chadov and Ditkovskite legalized their relationship, and in June 2014, the actress gave Alexey a son, Fedor.

In 2017, Alexey Chadov and Agnia Ditkovskite broke up. Despite the divorce, the couple maintained a good relationship. Moreover, in 2018, both became the hosts of the project on the STS “Soyuzniki” TV channel. “We are dear people anyway. She is my son’s mom. How can I not love and respect her? All divorced couples, especially if they have common children, need to understand this, “Chadov admitted in an exclusive interview with Around TV. The actor often spends time with Fedor, talking about it in his microblog on Instagram. Last Wednesday he could be seen at the premiere of the film The Little Humpbacked Horse. The artist posed on the red carpet with his six-year-old son.

Alexey Chadov and his son Fyodor at the premiere of The Little Humpbacked Horse

We add that in February Dmitry Shepelev made his 38-year-old bride Ekaterina Tulupova happy with the news of the pregnancy. The 38-year-old TV presenter told how he felt when he found out that he would become a dad for the second time, as well as the reaction of the seven-year-old son from Zhanna Friske Platon to the appearance of a brother or sister. The showman compared his present state with what he experienced before birth, explaining that he became calmer and more confident. As for Plato and daughter Catherine Frets, then the children of the couple, according to Shepelev, are waiting for the appearance of the baby as a new adventure, NTV reports. Note that the gender and name of the unborn child Dmitry and his fiancee do not disclose.

The bride of Dmitry Shepelev published a pregnant photo

We also add that on February 2, the 44-year-old star of the “Battle of Psychics” Victoria Raidos announced the imminent replenishment in her family. The healer posted a photo with a decently rounded belly, noting that she was looking forward to the appearance of the baby. Paul Victoria also did not elaborate. Recall that this is the third pregnancy for a clairvoyant. Married to Vasily Boykov Raidos had a daughter seven years ago Barbara, and in March 2018, a son was born Sugar

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