Sep 15, 2020
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42-year-old Lyubov Tolkalina starred in a video for the first time in her life

10:52, 09/15/2020

The actress became the heroine of Leonid Agutin's video.

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Lyubov Tolkalina regularly talks about her success in cinema. However, this time she boasted that for the first time in her life she took part in the filming of a video. The star specially for the sake of this project went to Sochi for a day, where Kinotavr is being held now. True, she could not attend the screenings of films due to hard work.

“In Sochi for a day. And not for Kinotavr, although you really want to, but you need to work ... but for a very special occasion. For the first time in her life she starred in a video ... Leonid Agutin and a new incendiary samba ... it's impossible to resist ... lovestory, partners are dear Andrey Merzlikin, and the scene of Sochi is the seaside ... thanks to @merzlikinandrey @agutinleonid and our entire super-professional team! Today we have done memories. everybody dance! meet on the dance floor, "- wrote Lyubov in her microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. - Prim. line.).

Lyubov Tolkalina for the first time in her life took part in the video and published a photo from the filming process

It is worth noting that Lyubov Tolkalina was finally able to return to work, because in August she was sick with coronavirus. The star talked about the fact that she had not quite the usual symptoms of the disease. For example, she was depressed. The previous methods of dealing with bad mood did not help her at all, because it was the coronavirus that aggravated her well-being.

In addition, the actress emphasized that she knows those who have contracted COVID-19, and their vitality dropped sharply and there was a depressed mood. She began to feel apathy in relation to plans for her own life, indifference to food, people, events. In addition, she felt heavy in the morning and her self-esteem dropped dramatically.

Recall that Lyubov Tolkalina after an illness managed to attend the wedding of 19-year-old daughter Maria. The girl married a businessman Nikita Kuzmina, who is eight years older than her. The lovers met when Maria was 17 years old. Then she was waiting for a trolley bus and was very cold. Nikita stood at the same stop and offered the girl a shirt in exchange for her phone number.

The daughter of Lyubov Tolkalina got married

Soon after they met, Nikita and Masha began to live together, and later, Tolkalina's daughter said that Kuzmin should marry her. Nikita agreed with the arguments of his beloved and made her proposals. The couple still laughingly recalls the story of their acquaintance, because before that none of them had made contacts right on the street. At the wedding of lovers, which took place on September 7, only relatives were present. Musicians met the newlyweds near the wedding palace. The bouquet that Maria threw was caught by her mother Lyubov Tolkalina, who is not married now.

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