Sep 12, 2020
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42-year-old Ekaterina Klimova apologized for the lack of photoshop in the photos

16:03, 09/11/2020

The actress made fun of the haters who criticize her pictures.

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Ekaterina Klimova, together with her eldest daughter Elizaveta, is now resting in Turkey. During the holidays, the star of Russian cinema does not forget about social networks and publishes pictures in a swimsuit, shorts and short dresses in his microblog on Instagram. The fans began to discuss the last beach photo of Klimova especially actively and noted the shortcomings in the artist's appearance.

Today Klimova answered all the haters by publishing another summer photo. Ekaterina noted that she shows natural frames that have not been retouched. “Forgive me that again without Photoshop,” the actress wrote in her microblog on Instagram (the author's spelling and punctuation are given unchanged. - Prim. line.).

42-year-old Ekaterina Klimova apologized for the lack of photoshop in the photos

It is worth noting that Klimova went to Turkey without her younger children and her lover, whose name she still hides. The actress in July this year noted that she was not alone, although she was not going to get married yet, as she intends to focus on her career. “Yes, I’m not married, but that doesn’t mean I’m single. I don't want to make another sensation out of this. I just want to live and do what I love, talk about the profession and for the sake of it to master new horizons, ”said Klimova about her personal life.

Recall that a little over a year ago, Catherine divorced her third husband Gela Meskhi. The lovers met on the set and in 2015 they formalized their relationship. In the same year, the couple had a daughter, Bella, who became the fourth child for the artist. Unfortunately, the girl could not save the relationship between Klimova and Meskhi. In 2019, the couple divorced. For a long time, Catherine and Meskhi did not dare to talk about the reasons for the separation. It was rumored that it was all about the actor's new chosen one, but then Klimova herself decided to clarify this issue.

Klimova said that it is difficult for her to be a good wife, an excellent mother, and at the same time an amazing actress. The artist fails to combine family and career, which is why conflicts with her husband arose. The star also added that her profession is associated with frequent travel, and on the site you need to spend too much emotion, as a result, there was simply no strength left for a relationship with her husband.

Ekaterina Klimova with children

After parting with her husband, Ekaterina Klimova had to cope with the children alone. Now the star is raising her daughter Elizabeth, who graduated from school this year, as well as the sons of Matthew and Korney from Igor Petrenko, and the youngest daughter Bella. A star has many difficulties not only at home, but also on vacation with heirs. “There is a lot of bureaucracy. You have to carry a lot of documents with you: a birth certificate, an export permit, a passport. And documents are not all! Some other medications accompanying, some drinks, snacks, games, something entertaining, read, and even more, plus something for emergencies you need to take ", - said Ekaterina Klimova.

Earlier, Ekaterina Klimova complained that due to the coronavirus pandemic she was left without work. As a result, the artist's expenses for the family began to significantly exceed her income, which the star was greatly concerned about. The artist spent most of the funds on the improvement of a country house, in which the whole family waited out a period of self-isolation.

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