Aug 17, 2022
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42.6% of voters prefer remote voting format

Since the beginning of the summer, the awareness of Muscovites about the upcoming elections of municipal deputies has grown three times, the sociological group Russian Field found out. Many of those who plan to vote choose the remote format.

In early June, only 11% of Muscovites knew about the September elections of municipal deputies. By mid-August, this figure rose to 32.6%, the sociological group said.

In 2017, 1.04 million Muscovites participated in the municipal elections in Moscow. In recent years, remote voting has become a common practice. In the 2021 Duma elections, about two million residents of the capital voted online alone.

“This year, according to the results of the Russian Field study, of those who are already planning to participate in the elections, 42.6% of voters prefer the remote voting format,” Izvestia reported.

Among young people under the age of 29, 61% of respondents choose online voting. Among voters aged 30-44, 59% prefer the remote format, and 46% among voters aged 45-59.

By the mid-2030s, about 80% of Russians will vote remotely, said Dmitry Orlov, director general of the Agency for Political and Economic Communications. The usual format in the form of voting at a polling station will be chosen only by older people, the expert believes.

“The procedure for electronic voting is being simplified and improved. For example, the option of revoting is now excluded, and additional control tools have been created for the body of observers,” the Tsargrad portal quotes the political scientist.

From 9 to 11 September Muscovites will elect municipal deputies. Voting will take place in all districts, except for Shchukin and most of the TiNAO.


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