Jan 23, 2021
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40-year-old Masha Malinovskaya froze eggs

16:43, 01/22/2021

The TV presenter wants to experience the joy of motherhood again.

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Masha Malinovskaya is a single mother and she is raising a nine-year-old son. Miron. The TV presenter was married twice. Her first spouse was Sergey Protasov, but the marriage was unsuccessful. The star had to have an abortion, and this relationship ended. In 2009, Masha married Denis Davitiashvila, but this union did not last long – the husband raised his hand to her. In this marriage, Malinovskaya became pregnant, but due to domestic violence from Denis, she again decided to have an abortion. In May 2011, the TV presenter gave birth to a son from a lover, whose identity she carefully hid from the public. The boy was named Myron.

Yesterday Malinovskaya celebrated her 40th birthday. In honor of the joyful event, the star threw a party in a metropolitan restaurant. At the holiday there were close TV presenters and colleagues: Shura, Evelina Bledans, Milana Tyulpanova and other artists. Malinovskaya’s event was also attended by journalists, whom she told that she wanted to become a mother again. However, the TV star no longer hopes to meet a man with whom she can experience the joy of motherhood. Therefore, she herself decided the issue of conceiving a second child and froze the eggs.

Malinovskaya turns 40

“I have a dream – I want to become a mother again. Today you all came to my birthday. This is an anniversary … I am 40 years old! This is a very long time … Such a serious, borderline age for a woman, when she is still more likely to conceive a healthy child. Since I am a little disappointed in men, and it is impossible to delay with this matter – the older women are, the higher the risks of developing various serious diseases – for my 40th birthday I made myself … well, not a gift, but something more important … I decided that You can wait for a man as long as you like, but my eggs are not getting younger, so I froze them, ”Malinovskaya shared.

Masha noted that she will use the services of a donor if she does not meet the same donor within five years. According to Malinovskaya, she is happy that someday she will be able to give nine-year-old Myron a sister or brother. “Who knows how my fate would have developed if I had not made those very mistakes. In this sense, I am a fatalist. I understand that somewhere in my life I messed up in several places, but this is my way, “the TV presenter summed up in an interview with the StarHit edition.

Masha Malinovskaya with her son

It is worth noting that for many years Malinovskaya hid the name of the father of her child, occasionally joking about this. So, for example, she spoke with irony that the first Chechen cosmonaut was the father of her son, making it clear that the man was from the Caucasus. Last year, on the air of the program “Based on real events” on NTV, the presenter first named the name of her beloved, from whom she gave birth to a son. It turned out to be Mamikhan Malsagov, a Chechen businessman with a faulty past. The star said that she met him at a party.

The beloved told Malinovskaya that he left his wife and intended to divorce, but this turned out to be untrue, since the deceived wife of Malsagov soon called Masha for a heart-to-heart conversation. After talking with the wife of the chosen one, Malinovskaya decided to break off relations with the father of her child. In addition, the star learned that her lover has four children. Then the TV presenter was already pregnant with him and decided to keep the child. The businessman did not like this, he accused Malinovskaya of greed and stressed that he did not intend to financially support either her or the baby.

Malinovskaya noted that she was able to cope with the pain and move on. Now the TV star tries to spend all the time with his son. By the way, earlier the nine-year-old Miron told his mother, that he would like to become a famous blogger, but instead of support he received harsh criticism. The TV presenter lamented that popularity is the only thing that worries the new generation now. According to Malinovskaya, it is much better to study medicine or engage in literature and art.

Masha Malinovskaya

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