Oct 14, 2020
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40-year-old Anna Semenovich recovered from coronavirus

15:15, 14.10.2020

The singer went out for the first time in two weeks.

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On October 5, 40-year-old singer Anna Semenovich admitted that she had contracted the coronavirus. The artist said that she had been sick for a week, but did not want to bother her fans. Semenovich noted that she did not feel serious discomfort, she simply did not feel smells and tastes. Anna was ordered to comply with a two-week quarantine, and then pass two tests for the virus to make sure of the final recovery.

Today Anna Semenovich shared the good news: the result of the second test for COVID-19 was negative. The singer left the house for the first time in two weeks and could not contain her delight. Despite the fact that Anna is not contagious and has antibodies to infection, she still decided to wear a mask and urged all fans to follow her example. “I feel great! Nothing hurts, no cough. In general, the covid passed, thank God, in a mild form. Honestly, I am sick with acute respiratory infections and influenza is more difficult and more severe than covid, ”said Anna Semenovich.

Anna Semenovich, who had a coronavirus, took to the streets for the first time

We add that Anna Semenovich shared in her microblog on Instagram tips that will help those who get sick easier to transfer the coronavirus. According to Anna, she read many scientific articles in self-isolation and constantly consulted with doctors, so she developed certain rules to combat the virus. One of the main preventive measures on Anna's list was taking vitamins and minerals, as well as baths with sea salt, which relieve joint pain. "Beloved, for prevention, now take vitamin D, zinc and vitamin C especially diligently. Your immunity must be strong!" - wrote Anna Semenovich (the spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given without changes. - Prim. row.).

Recall that over the past week, several more stars of Russian show business were diagnosed with coronavirus. So, 90-year-old Ivan Krasko fell ill, who denied the existence of the Chinese virus. During the quarantine, the artist complained that he wanted to start working in the theater and was tired of resting. As soon as the restrictions were lifted, Krasko immediately went to rehearsals, and even managed to play in two performances and appear in several talk shows. Due to a sharp change in lifestyle, Ivan Ivanovich's immunity weakened and became susceptible to the virus. Nevertheless, Ivan Krasko hastened to reassure the fans, saying that he felt cheerful and categorically refused to go to the hospital.

90-year-old Ivan Krasko fell ill with coronavirus

And yesterday there were rumors that TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak was infected with COVID-19. A number of media outlets spread the news that the analysis of the journalist showed the presence of an infection, but Sobchak herself is not yet aware of the results. The TV presenter ridiculed such speculation, inviting journalists to return to a more popular topic - her possible pregnancy. “Oh, I can sense the lack of news on the channel. Can we still return to the "sensations" that I'm pregnant?)))) Morons, (further obscene. - Prim. row.), as the classic said, "Sobchak wrote in her Telegram channel" Bloody Lady ".

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