Oct 20, 2021
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40-70 thousand a month is the ultimate dream in Putin’s Russia

40-70 thousand a month is the ultimate dream in Putin's Russia

Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS

Happiness, as the classic argued, everyone has their own, these are different misfortunes. But, judging by the survey conducted by Rossgostrakh, happiness is also understood in different ways. Men and women, Muscovites and residents of other cities and towns, young and old. On average, people now need to be happy at least 40 thousand in not very hard Russian currency. And to get 70 thousand – it will be just right.

Once the hero of the novel “The Golden Calf” Ostap Bender asked his brother Balaganov: “Tell me, Shura, honestly, how much money do you need for happiness?” So that is necessary and sufficient. He replied: “6400 rubles.” Ostap and Shura personified the times of NEP, the 20s of the twentieth century. And then it was good money. They remained quite good throughout the Soviet era, seventy years past. But not so long ago, a certain Krasnodar official tried to live a month at a living wage. And he – at that time, about nine to ten years ago – fell into the amount indicated to the great strategist Shura Balaganov. It’s okay that they are both invented by writers. Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov… You can still say “the circle is closed”, but we did not notice.

Now half of the surveyed citizens for life would be enough sixty thousand a month to live normally and feel themselves not the last in this world. Let not millionaires, but not homeless people, people of average income.

Ruble billionaire Andrey Kovalev once tried on myself how to turn from a dollar millionaire into a beggar:

– While filming the program “The Secret Millionaire” I ended up in the very beautiful city of Kostroma, where I sold take-away coffee, posing as a poor man. It is a historic city, but there are few people, the streets are empty. Ninety-nine out of a hundred people told me: “We have no money for coffee.” And at the same time, there is a huge number of signs everywhere: “Fast-money”, “Soon-loans” – microfinance organizations that issue loans at high interest rates. If there are so many signs, then it is in demand. I have not seen this in Moscow.

In principle, if you have an apartment inherited from your parents, from your mother, grandmother, then you can live alone on very little money. You can spend five thousand on food. Of course, without goodies, eating poorly, but you can. You will spend another five thousand on some pleasures. Another five thousand – rent, utilities. So it turns out that the salary that people in the regions receive – 15-20 thousand rubles – a normal salary, you will not find another one there – allows people to survive, living from hand to mouth. That is, you can’t put aside money for a book.

“SP”: – Of course, our main problem is low incomes of citizens. This is recognized at the very top.

– Low incomes stem from the crisis that has been going on since 2008. One crisis is superimposed on another. Terrible conditions for business – there is no point in doing it if the loan is at 15-20%, and the profitability is 8-10%. And this is a downward spiral. From 2000 to 2008, the spiral went up – enterprises were opened, shopping centers, offices, factories and plants were built. People were hired to work, paid more and more salaries. It was happiness, but now it is trouble.

“SP”: – But do you personally spend a little on yourself?

– Compared to my earnings, yes. For breakfast I eat a jar of yogurt, a slice of orange, a couple of sweets, and I drink tea, I don’t order any lobsters. I have a suit for fifteen hundred. Sometimes, for a long time, however, I bought expensive ones. Now I spend a lot on restoration, on the restoration of the Grebnevo estate, this is where serious money goes.

We need powerful economic reforms, a sharp cut in taxes – three times. It is necessary to subsidize loans so that entrepreneurs, like all over the world, can get loans at 2%. We need to remove the wild administrative pressure, all these Rospotrebnadzors and Rospotrebnadzors – they just need to be eliminated. Well, introduce a modern risk insurance system. So far I do not see the force, neither in the State Duma, nor in the government, people who would seriously talk about reforms.

“SP”: – It is in you the businessman speaks. In our country, people, mostly on the 5th and 20th, receive a salary and live on it.

– Receive a small salary. Where can I get the big one? Except for me. Now I am looking for a constructor, a designer of wooden buildings. I offer people 70 thousand. I haven’t found it yet …

Still, after all, architects are probably among those approximately 20% of people who need from 70 to 100 thousand rubles a month. And about 7% believe that 100-150 thousand rubles a month would be just right for them according to their merits and professionalism. There are also those who want to receive more than 150 thousand rubles a month for their work. But there are five percent of them among us.

It still depends on the region. Muscovites want to receive 180 thousand rubles a month. The residents of St. Petersburg have slightly less requests – they only want 150 thousand. And Krasnodar residents – 127 thousand consider a good salary for themselves. Residents of Yekaterinburg have high salary expectations – 111 thousand rubles, and Nizhny Novgorod – 109 thousand. In general, everyone who still has a wishlist wants to receive 100 thousand rubles or more. After all, wanting is not harmful. Look what you wanted! You have to be more modest.

It can be more modest – if you go to a remote location. 33% of Russians are ready to cut wages if they are allowed to work remotely. But 40% would refuse such an offer. In an office, an institution, at a factory – it’s better for them. If only not to sit at home.

Financial expert Ivan Soldatov believes that forty thousand can only survive:

– Most Russians don’t even know about a comfortable life. Even the maximum announced amounts do not reach the “European pensions”. And most of our people do not even know how foreign families live, what levels of comfort and quality of services they receive. On the world stage, our compatriots are still losing from 5 to 25% in wages, although there is an increase in rubles. And you shouldn’t blame the state, as it is customary for us to do it. In our world, everyone can reach absolutely any heights. The doors of the worldwide Internet are open to everyone.

If you remove laziness and devote a little more time to personal finance, you can significantly increase your sources of income on the most conservative investment strategies, regularly investing 10-20% in various directions. Many people still have the “old school” in their heads and not everyone understands that the “restructuring” that is now taking place in the world in connection with the pandemic is a great time for new opportunities.

I think if every family begins to educate themselves in the field of financial literacy, it will be of great benefit to the entire state. If we relate the desired income of Russia to the dollar or the euro, it will turn out to be less than the cost of living in developed countries …

But not everyone is chasing a long ruble. Some salaries from 30 to 50 thousand rubles – enough “for the eyes.” There are 16% of them among us. Another 6% of Russians are quite content with a salary of less than 29 thousand rubles. If only he was. In general, women are more likely than men to agree to small salaries. For them, the main thing is that the husband earns well.

In general, the “golden calf” worries people of almost all age categories. Unless young people up to thirty years of age do not think about it especially. But those who think about their income among middle-aged people, 30-49 years old – about a third. They want a salary of over 70 thousand rubles for themselves.

Among people of the pre-retirement age, 50-59 years old, there are not many people who think about raising wages, about 15%. One of two things, either their salary is already high, or they simply stopped dreaming. And after 60 years, they began to dream of high incomes again. What else can they … and we all have to dream about?

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