May 2, 2022
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4 ways to slow down age-related changes after 60 years

4 ways to slow down age-related changes after 60 years

Not everyone manages to meet a happy old age. Because a lot of people don’t make it to 60. What can you do – ecology, bad habits, heredity. With age, age-related changes occur in the body. But still, there are 4 ways to slow down age-related changes in your body after 60 years. All you need is your desire.

Method number 1. Slow down the loss of bone strength

After the age of 60, our bones become less strong. This should not be surprising. With age, a person begins to move less and less, changes in the hormonal system occur.

To slow down the loss of bone strength, it is necessary to pay due attention to foods high in calcium. Fermented milk products are a priority here, because in addition to calcium, these products contain vitamin D, on which the degree of absorption of calcium largely depends.
It’s just as important to keep your bones strong by doing several strength training sessions a week, even over the age of 60. Yes, you need resistance training. Normal walking, cycling, and swimming won’t help, because the bones in these activities receive little to no gravitational stress.

Method number 2. We improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system

Our heart is a muscle that, after 60 years of age, certainly shows signs of wear and tear. At times, your blood pressure jumps, the pulse does not decrease so quickly after exercise.

To prolong the work of your “motor”, you must not lie on the couch without moving, but, after consulting with a specialist, find the optimal motor mode for yourself. The general recommendation for people over 60 is 2 strength training sessions per week of low to moderate intensity and some cardio such as walking and swimming.

Method number 3. Losing excess weight

After age 60, metabolism slows down. This is due to the progressive loss of muscle mass, which already begins after 40 years. Gaining excess body weight ages a person significantly. Rarely someone extra pounds go to the face.

To lose extra pounds, first of all, audit your refrigerator. But do not go to extremes. In my opinion, you need to make sure that 70% of your diet consists of healthy foods.

Method number 4. We improve the condition of the skin

As we age, our skin fades. This is due to the loss of a significant amount of a protein such as collagen. In addition, the skin begins to perceive sunlight poorly, therefore, the synthesis of vitamin D in the body worsens.

To improve the condition of the skin, we will help food of animal origin in which there is enough collagen. It can be beef, chicken, pork and turkey. It is also worth paying attention to foods with a high content of vitamin C. In the presence of this vitamin, collagen synthesis occurs more efficiently.

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