Jun 28, 2020
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4 tricks and one secret

How do you feel about multifunctionality? It’s good when one secret trick allows you to show some cool trick. This makes it unique. But no worse, if you can show several tricks with one basic secret – this saves resources and expands opportunities. Therefore, today we will teach you to show 4 tricks using only one trick.

Focus 1: coin through the bottom of the glass

The demonstration is clear: there is a glass, there is 1 ruble. We turn the glass upside down and squeeze a coin through its bottom into the glass “one, two, three”.

Focus 2: the paper does not fall out of the glass

There is a glass, there is a crumpled piece of paper. We throw a wad of paper into the glass and turn it over. Paper does not fall. With the other hand we click and the lump falls out.

Focus 3: the coin disappears from under the card

There is a coin, there is a playing card. We put the coin on the table, cover it with a card and draw a palm over it 3 times. Raise the card – the coin disappeared.

Focus 4: changing cards in the deck

This trick looks very cool! We hold the deck with one hand, on top of a certain card. Let’s say an ace of hearts. We draw the palm of the other hand on the map, and in an instant it turns into a jack of spades.

focus with cards


These tricks have one common attribute – this is a magnetic ring. It looks like a regular accessory and does not attract attention at all. Although it is able to magnetize a light metal object, for example, a coin.

How to show focus 1 – “coin through the bottom of the glass”?

Here, in fact, 2 identical coins (capable of magnetizing) are used. So, the magician shows an empty glass, a coin and another coin is hidden in the palm of your hand.

He throws one coin into the glass (and he holds it with his hand with a magnetic ring) and pretends that he again throws the coin into his hand from the glass. In fact, the coin is magnetized to the edge of the glass from the inside (there is a magnetic ring on the outside). A second coin is quickly removed from the palm.

Next – during the trick. The glass, not letting go, turns over, the bottom allegedly breaks through with the second coin. And at the same moment the hand is removed from the glass. The magnetized coin inside the glass drops, and we quickly hide the second.

How to show focus 2 – “paper does not fall out of the glass”?

Surely, now the secret is clear. A small metal object (coin or mini-magnet) is crumpled in a piece of paper. When you hold your finger at the bottom of the glass, the lump is magnetized. It’s better to show such a trick with a paper cup and a napkin.

How to show focus 3 – “the coin disappears from under the card”?

There is also no need for detailed explanations. The coin under the card is magnetized to the ring and sweeps in the palm of your hand.

How to show focus 4 – “change cards in the deck”?

Glue a coin with tape on one side of the shirt. 1 ruble is excellent – thin, small and magnetic. We draw a palm on the map – it is magnetized.

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