May 7, 2022
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4 signs you’re overthinking – and how to stop it

4 signs you're overthinking - and how to stop it

Sometimes indifference is more useful than excessive care. If you don’t prioritize and set personal boundaries, you won’t grow and weaken yourself. Unfortunately, manipulative and aggressive people are attracted to caring individuals. Therefore, it is better not to give them a nutrient medium.

Here are 4 unhealthy signs and solutions:

1. You don’t put yourself and your needs first.

You are one of those who will always serve everyone sitting at the table before you. As a result, you sometimes do not have food left. You constantly strive to help everyone and everyone achieve their own goals, but you ignore your own need for success. You pay so much attention to others that you no longer have time for yourself.

It harms your mental and spiritual health.


Putting yourself first is not selfish. If you are starving, it is wrong to feed others. Help yourself first and give yourself room to grow. If you don’t move forward and take care of yourself, you will have fewer resources to support others. To help others, you must first help yourself.

2. You are afraid of other people’s opinions.

You are motivated by the opinions of others. You are afraid of being forgotten, so you strive to serve.

You don’t want to ruin your relationship with anyone, so keep your opinions to yourself. You never take the lead, even if everyone would benefit from it.


If people are so short-sighted and selfish that they only want to associate with those who are useful to them, then you have no reason to maintain a relationship with them. No matter how useful you are now, in time they will still leave you. Therefore, be sincere and look for those who truly appreciate you.

3. Desperate and dependent people are always drawn to you.

People are attracted to what they are looking for. People who crave attention know that you are ready to endure them and feed them with your attention. Dependent individuals are always looking for those who are ready to support them. In other words, you are like a magnet attracting people who lack something. They do not want to become better, they want someone to cherish and cherish them.

They will suck resources and energy out of you until there is nothing left.


Set clear boundaries and don’t let anyone break them. Make no exceptions. These boundaries exist for a reason. No one has the right to violate your right to self-respect.

4. You are often perceived as empty space.

People wipe their feet on you, take what is rightfully yours, and disrespect you. They mistake your kindness for weakness.


Cut off relationships with insincere and aggressive people. You need strength and faith in yourself to develop and grow. It is impossible when you are humiliated.

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