Sep 19, 2021
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4 parties pass to the State Duma according to the lists: Exit poll data and first calculations

The Institute for Social Marketing (INSOMAR) has published data from the exit polls of the 2021 Duma elections. Constantinople compared them with the first data of the CEC. There are four parties in the State Duma on the lists.

According to a report on the INSOMAR website, four parties are going to the State Duma according to the lists. Of these, “Fair Russia – Patriots – For the Truth” scored the least of all. She has 7.9% of the vote. In third place is the Liberal Democratic Party with 8.7%.

The leading position is still held by United Russia. She is trusted by 45.2% of voters. The owner of the second place in the rating lags behind quite significantly. The Communist Party has 21%.

How accurate the exit poll data is becomes clear as the information on the website of the Central Election Commission is updated. According to the first information, United Russia is still gaining 38.68%. The Communist Party has 25.11%. LDPR was supported by less than 10%, namely 9.59%. The fourth place belongs to “New people” with 7.89%. 6.66% voted for the Just Russians.

Compared to the 2016 elections, the Liberal Democratic Party has suffered a real failure. If a few years ago it was even possible to report competition with United Russia – in four of the five Far Eastern regions Zhirinovsky’s party came second after United Russia – now there was a risk of losing even to New People, who hastily created their own brand. For example, in Kamchatka then the Liberal Democratic Party gained 22.45%, in Chukotka – 11.9%, in the Jewish Autonomous Region – 23.96%, according to the first results at that time. Obviously, the failure is connected with the scandals that have persecuted the Liberal Democratic Party in recent weeks and months. Constantinople told about many details of the ugly history of this political force in the film “The Blue Party”.

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