Feb 18, 2021
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4 makeup mistakes – and you’re ugly! But every third woman does just that …

4 makeup mistakes - and you're ugly!  But every third woman does just that ...

As the heroine of one story by Victoria Tokareva said: “My taste is impeccable. My cosmetics are French. The weakest link is the face. ” Although, in fact, in most cases, the “weak link” is not your face, but your ability to do makeup. After all, cosmetics can work wonders, if, of course, you use it correctly.

I have always admired French women for their ability to be beautiful, sexy and stylish, they seem not to put any effort into it. However, we are sometimes hindered from looking great because of ignorance of some subtleties and tricks, without which it is quite difficult to create perfect makeup.

I recently managed to meet with Lauren Martin, a Dessange Paris make-up application specialist, who came to Moscow from Paris for a few days. I learned from her some very valuable advice that will be useful to every woman.

So Simple! learned from the famous French make-up artist 7 secrets of creating perfect makeup. Use your makeup correctly!

Serum and moisturizer

Did you know that beautiful, radiant skin looks much more attractive than bright duck lips and rich eye shadow? Therefore, the issue of applying tone must be approached especially carefully. First, stop applying foundation in layers. It is much better to start properly preparing your face for makeup. Then the tone is not useful at all!

Lauren Martin advises you to take these three steps before proceeding directly to the make-up. First, apply the eye cream under the eyes, but not too close to the eye! Place the cream on the bone, first under the eyebrows, and then on the bone under the eyes. Give a light massage by tapping your fingers on the skin, it will take literally 10–20 seconds. And remember: you do not need to smear the area directly under the eye and the upper eyelids.

Next, apply the serum all over the face and also do a light massage with your fingertips, distributing the serum from the middle of the face to the periphery. The massage will make the skin firmer and instantly improve the complexion!

And finally, apply a non-greasy day cream to your face. It works much better than any base or primer. These simple steps will keep your skin hydrated and free from subsequent makeup damage.

Powder application

You should definitely have a big fluffy brush! If you have good, clean skin, you can easily do without tone in your everyday makeup. Apply the powder to your face with a large brush, then blot it with a tissue. This gives you a perfect and almost invisible finish.

Applying concealer

This option is suitable if you are not using shadows that are too dark. And it is preferable to apply concealer with a brush, not with your fingers, and after you have distributed it in the area around the eyes, the skin should be powdered – this will eliminate the shine and make the makeup more durable.

Discreet makeup

French girls do not like bright makeup, which cannot be said about Russian women. It is unobtrusive shades in everyday makeup that are preferable. Pay attention to the shadows in nude shades. And here careful shading is especially important – it makes the makeup as natural as possible. A sharpened brush is useful for these purposes.

Use a lighter

I liked this trick the most. Before applying makeup, hold a black pencil over a lighter – after the fire, the lead becomes soft and pliable, it can perfectly paint over the mucous membrane of the eyes.

Eyebrow tinting technique

Eyebrows are the basis of makeup. It is to them that others pay attention, looking at your face. It is best to tint the eyebrows with shadows of a dark shade, but with a pencil it turns out great too.

Before dyeing, the French make-up artist advises combing all the hairs down to see their growth line, and carefully paint over it with shadows. Then you should return all the hairs to their place, lifting them up, and to fix them, you should use a transparent gel.

Applying blush

The finishing touch to any makeup is a subtle blush. And the key word here is “light”, so you shouldn’t be too zealous with blush. If you are using dry blush, it is best to apply them in layers with a brush.

Having scooped them up, you must first remove the excess product with a napkin, and after that apply what remains to your cheeks. With this method, it is difficult to overdo it, so the makeup is likely to turn out calm and unobtrusive – like real French women.

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