Jun 30, 2020
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4 cool versions of tricks with spoon bending

Spoon bending is the most popular trick in the world. At this trick climbed to the top of their fame many famous illusionists. Does everyone remember Uri Geller and his magnetic look when he bent this kitchen appliance on the eyes of a large audience with the power of thought? We’ll open all the cards and reveal four ways to show focus with the spoon bending.

Method No.1

You need a “soft” spoon, which you can quickly and easily bend with one hand. The easiest way to find one is to go to Grandma’s and ask for some ancient utensils. Surely there will be an old aluminum spoon. It’s perfectly deformed.

Now the secret of the trick: first show an even spoon from all sides. Then grab it with the handle up the whole palm – so thoroughly and confidently – and discreetly press on the handle with your thumb, arching it. Then shift the spoon, not releasing the grip and hiding the bend, in the other hand. Now the handle looks down. We keep a spoon exactly in front of the viewer’s eyes. From this angle, the bend is not noticeable. And then just tilt the handle forward or backwards the whole spoon. The illusion of bending is created.

flexing the spoon

Method No.2

It uses a spoon-gimmick. This is a special prop for the ego focus. The spoon is divided into two parts, but is connected by a silicone transparent tube. In the usual position, such a spoon looks bent. But due to the silicone jumper it is easy to straighten, holding the handle. If the fixation of the horizontal position is loosened, the spoon itself will gradually bend to the initial position. However, at close range, such a spoon-gimmick should be held for the place of the jumper, so that the viewer did not see it. Although from afar the jumper is not visible at all.

Such a gimmick can be made independently or ordered here.

Method No.3

Another trick using special props – gimmick. A spoon made from a special alloy of nitinol with a memory effect. When the temperature changes, it changes shape. From nitinol make not only spoons, but also forks, paper clips, keys. Don’t get hung on spoons and diversify your performance with other items. We published a separate article about Nitinol.

flexing the spoon focus

Method No.4

You may have seen the trick when a magician takes a spoon, rubs it in one place. The handle becomes mobile and eventually breaks off altogether. The secret is that such a spoon is made of an alloy called “Gallium.” Its melting point is only 30 degrees Celsius. So at room temperature 22-24 C spoon does not melt. But when it is taken in hand and rubed in the thinnest place, the temperature rises and the metal melts on the eyes.

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