Jul 31, 2022
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4 common mistakes women make when they want to get married

4 common mistakes women make when they want to get married

Whatever you say, a woman’s happiness largely depends on whether her personal life is arranged or not. A lady who is doing well on the love front is calm, harmonious, filled, self-confident.

Of course, many will argue with the fact that not only thanks to a man a woman can be realized – a career, creativity, study can also give a feeling of deep satisfaction.

However, whether we like it or not, each of us has a natural desire to be with a man, to develop relationships with him, to build a family.

At some point in your life, you feel ready for a serious relationship with a “continuation”, and consciously or not really looking for him … that very only man whom you can call your soulmate.

How can a woman meet her soulmate?

This article is dedicated primarily to those girls who, for some reason, are single and would like to meet a life partner with whom they could marry and have children.

It often happens that there seems to be a lot of men around, but not all of them. Or you are already in a relationship, but not in the way you would like.

So where do we start? I think that first of all it is necessary to decide for yourself that you are really ready for a serious relationship, marriage.

This is a very important step, because if you decide for yourself that you will not waste your money on petty novels, men that are not suitable for you, you will be surprised to find that more and more worthy candidates will appear in your field, and irresponsible characters who just want to have a good time will start evaporate somewhere.

So, what are the typical mistakes women make when they dream of getting married?

4 common mistakes women make when they want to get married

1. Obsession with the idea – by all means get married, preferably in the near future.

Such a girl can be identified by a “searching” look. Men very subtly feel the energy of a single woman “on the hunt.”

The thought of marriage becomes so obsessive that the girl “clings” to a man, she loses the ability to maintain the necessary distance in a relationship, which helps to better see the chosen one and give him the opportunity to express himself.

This is fraught with the fact that a man begins to feel too much responsibility for the girl’s personal happiness against the background of the fact that he has not yet matured enough deep feelings so necessary for a serious relationship.

In addition, there is a category of not very decent men who know about the desire of girls at a certain age to have a family, children.

A woman who is too obsessed with the idea of ​​​​getting married runs the risk of “running into” such a man who, pursuing very specific goals, uses loud promises and arguments about marriage, a joint future, as well as his unearthly love for you as a “bait”.

2. Search for a husband among unsuitable men

Who are these unsuitable men? This category includes all those with whom it is difficult to build relationships leading specifically to the wedding, and even if the trip to the registry office takes place, the marriage promises to be difficult and not very happy.

So let’s go through:

  • already married men
  • men who openly declare that they are not ready for responsibility, serious relationships, family,
  • characters who have problems with addictions – alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.

In addition, you should not have high hopes for men who:

  1. previously had several marriages,
  2. speak ill of their ex-wives,
  3. are not involved in the lives of their children.

We also communicate with extreme caution with young (and not so young) people who:

  • trying to borrow money from you
  • shift some material worries onto you,
  • do not have a permanent income,
  • often complain about life,
  • they blame the government, parents, the state – everyone but themselves for their failures.

3. Bed at the very beginning of a relationship

Remember, it used to be that a girl should keep herself until the wedding? Of course, times have changed now, and such views seem very outdated to us.

However, there is a sense in chastity, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Just by communicating with a man, allowing him to take care of himself, to show himself and his qualities, while not having intimate contacts, you have a unique opportunity to get to know him better, and also show the man that you are set up only for a serious relationship with consequences.

As for intimacy, it is possible only with a person you love and love, in whom you are confident, so you do not rush with the intimate side of the relationship, but give yourself and the man time to mature more serious feelings than just sympathy, passion, and attraction.

4. Long-term residence in a civil marriage

Modern young people and girls prefer to live together in order to take a closer look at each other, evaluate themselves and their partner in everyday life.

Perhaps this idea is not the worst. Especially for very young and somewhere naive people aged 18 to 24. But, if a girl has the ultimate goal of getting married, she should not agree to a civil marriage, especially with a man who does not see the point in an official marriage.

It is quite convenient for a man to live in a civil marriage – he has a woman who already performs all the functions of a wife, while the man remains free (this becomes especially important when meeting other girls).

Very often, in the case of a long-term cohabitation with a girl, a man does not see the point in entering into an official marriage, they say, why change something when everything is fine anyway? In this case, it would be nice for the couple to initially decide on the duration of the civil marriage and its goals.

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