Sep 5, 2022
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3D ultrasound during pregnancy

3D ultrasound during pregnancy

What is three-dimensional ultrasound – This is a type of ultrasound that allows you to see the object under study in three projections. It is the emergence of the ability to determine the features of the object under study, not only in width and length, but also in depth, that makes this type of diagnostics unique and extremely useful, including in gynecology.

It is easy to imagine the difference between a three-dimensional ultrasound and a conventional one by watching the same film in two-dimensional and three-dimensional versions. Only in the case under discussion, we are talking not only and not so much about aesthetic pleasure, but about the benefits for the little man and his mother.

Why do pregnant women need 3D ultrasound?

Ultrasound is extremely important. It allows obstetricians to identify many of the factors that play a decisive role in determining delivery measures. Therefore, it is so important to undergo the prescribed studies on time and in clinics that have proven themselves to be reliable. During pregnancy, as a rule, two ultrasound examinations are prescribed.

The first is carried out at the 20th week, the second – about a month before the birth. Before childbirth, the main task of ultrasound is to determine the position of the fetus, the features of its presentation and the possible diagnosis of cord entanglement. A three-dimensional image in this case is more useful for parents, as it allows you to see the baby, see the features of his face and leave unique frames in the family archive.

At the first examination, the importance of a three-dimensional image is much more significant. Here, the features of the internal organs are examined, possible pathologies of the fetus are diagnosed. According to medical sites, a three-dimensional image gives an accurate picture of the state of the internal and external organs of the child and allows you to decide on further treatment, if necessary.

So, the advantages of three-dimensional ultrasound:

  • more accurate diagnosis;
  • the opportunity to see the baby in the smallest detail.

Disadvantages of 3D ultrasound

The first is cost. According to some sources, it reaches 2000 rubles.

The second is the possible harmfulness of the study to the fetus. Physicians do not have an unequivocal opinion on this issue. Basically, practicing doctors agree that it is better to refrain from a newfangled invention, while experts in clinics say that the study is absolutely safe.

Probably, it is worth deciding as follows: In principle, the baby does not really like ultrasound, so you should not get involved in studying it before birth, if medical indicators do not require it.

Next. Three-dimensional ultrasound can be done if necessary, and not used constantly during the examination. This moment allows you to minimize the harmful effects and at the same time create the most complete picture of the new little man.

Photos of 3D ultrasound:

Summing up the above, we emphasize that not everything new is dangerous, as our doctors, who steadfastly use traditional methods, are inclined to assert. But you should not get carried away with modern innovations. It is best, as in everything, to stop at the golden mean and use a three-dimensional ultrasound in one of two cases:

if there is a need for a thorough study of the baby’s organs;
if there is a need to show the baby even before the birth to someone (for example, a relative who is leaving for a long time or an elderly great-grandmother).
It’s probably not worth using this type of ultrasound to determine gender or get a photo as a keepsake – the time will come, and the little man will show everything without additional devices.

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