Jan 12, 2021
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39-year-old Dima Bilan shaved bald

06:31, 01/12/2021

The singer radically changed his image while vacationing in the Maldives.

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Last fall 39-year-old singer Dima Bilan surprised the audience with bold hair experiments. Right after hospital discharge the artist dyed his hair bright red. It is noteworthy that for the transformation, the singer used a persistent paint, and not a tonic, so the shocking hair color did not wash out after a week. Since then, Bilan has continued to experiment with appearance – in recent photos on social networks of the star, you can see that a couple of days ago, the red hue changed to blue, and then to chestnut.

On December 11, Dmitry again surprised the fans – the singer completely got rid of his hair by shaving his head. According to Bilan, despite the positive emotions received in the process, he got bored with fiddling with bright colors. “Oh, how tired of hair! I decided to shave it off! For a couple of weeks! Colors are good, but your own color is better! ” – the artist admitted in the Stories section of his microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. – Prim. line.).

39-year-old Dima Bilan shaved bald

By the way, Dima Bilan experimented with his appearance together with the winner of the fifth season of the show. “Boys” Anastasia Petrova… The reality contestant updated her hair color shortly after the singer, using the same shade of red. After pair coloring, celebrities shared a series of pictures and videos that provoked rumors of an affair between Dima and Anastasia. In all joint shots, the stars are hugging or standing close to each other. However, Bilan did not answer unequivocally the questions about the nature of relations with the former “kid”.

By the way, Anastasia is not the only member of “Boys” with whom Dima communicates. In November last year, the singer offered cooperation. Ekaterina Vanyshivaya… Girl got a role in the artist’s video for the song Dreams. The reality star appeared in the music video as The Queen of Spades. It is noteworthy that Bilan made the decision to invite Catherine to participate in the filming after he saw Vanyshiva in one of the issues of “Boys”. As part of one of the tests, the girl wore an 18th century dress, similar to the one that was later used in the video.

Anastasia Petrova and Dima Bilan

Let us recall that the participants of the fifth season of “Boys” are the most difficult in the entire history of the project. Among the female students of the lady’s school were inmates of orphanages, victims of violence, girls of easy virtue and even former prisoners. The overwhelming majority of “boys” suffer from alcohol addiction. Many also show excessive aggression and have trouble suppressing anger.

The irresponsible and riotous lifestyle of the girls greatly affected their well-being. Despite the young age, none of the participants in the show can boast of good health. Before the start of the tests, all the “boys” were forced to undergo a medical examination. The results were so amazing that surprised even doctors… 18 year old Bella Kuznetsova several micro-strokes were identified. Also, heart disorders were found in 19-year-old Anastasia Petrova. A 20 year old stripper Tina Frank suffers from several gynecological problems at once.

Ekaterina Vanysheva and Dima Bilan

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