Jan 11, 2021
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38-year-old Svetlana Loboda published a beach photo with a 63-year-old mother

07:46, 01/11/2021

Natalya Vasilievna showed an amazing form, not yielding to her daughter.

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On January 7, for the first time in a long time, Svetlana Loboda staged a big solo concert in Dubai. The show brought together many representatives of the domestic show business, including an old friend of the 38-year-old singer Lolita Milyavskaya. The 57-year-old star published a video of her colleague’s speech and even showed that Till Lindemann arrived in the UAE on the eve of the event, about Loboda’s long-term romance with whom there are rumors. The 58-year-old frontman of the Rammstein group is credited with paternity of the youngest daughter Svetlana Tilde… Neither the singer nor her producer Natella Krapivina has yet confirmed this fact.

Lolita showed Till Lindemann during a trip to Dubai

Today Loboda said that after the concert in Dubai, she decided to relax in the company of her relatives. The artist published a video with her eldest daughter in the Stories section of her Instagram microblog Eve… The girl complained to her mother about a healthy appetite, saying that she was hungry all the time. And in the microblog itself, the star showed her excellent physical shape. And not only his own. Next to her daughter, 63-year-old Natalya Loboda, the mother of a celebrity, posed. “On vacation with my mother, I love it when the whole family is assembled,” Loboda laconically signed the picture (the spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given without changes – Noteed.). “Both beauties,” Lolita commented on the post.

Recall that Svetlana Loboda was born on October 18, 1982 in the family Sergei Vasilievich and Natalya Vasilievna… The singer also has a 28-year-old sister, Ksenia, who got married in the summer of the year before last, and Svetlana flew to her wedding. The artist shared pictures from the celebration then in her microblog. The celebrity’s parents’ photo also shows the public, noting the value of being close to family.

Archival photo of Svetlana Loboda’s parents

We add that Loboda herself is not married. The singer was in a civil marriage with a dancer Andrey Tsar, from whom she gave birth to her eldest daughter Evangeline nine years ago. The couple broke up shortly after the birth of their daughter, but maintained a cordial relationship. On May 24, 2018 Svetlana became a mother for the second time. The girl, named Tilda, was born at the prestigious Cedars-Sinal Medical Center in Los Angeles. It is noteworthy that her mother is in no hurry to show the baby’s appearance. She publishes a photo of her daughter exclusively from the back or covering her face.

By the way, it is Till Lindemann who is called Tilda’s father. They first started talking about Svetlana’s romance with the world stage star back in July 2017, when they came to a music festival together. “HEAT”… At the event, the legendary musician did not hesitate to embrace and kiss his companion right under the sights of the cameras. In addition, it was Till who took Svetlana from the hospital. And the eldest daughter of Loboda Eva keeps a pendant presented to her by a German performer.

Svetlana Loboda with her daughters

Loboda, who does not reveal her secret, regularly attends concerts of the Lindemann group. So, at the end of July 2020, Svetlana, along with her eldest daughter, came to the Rammstein performance in Moscow. By the way, before the start of the concert, the singer went backstage, and after the musicians took the stage, Loboda went up to the VIP box, accompanied by Lindemann’s security guard and his agent. It is worth noting that in early January there were rumors that the artist had a new romance, and her chosen one was an influential businessman.

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