Jan 12, 2021
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38-year-old star “House-2” Natalya Varvina admitted that she could not get pregnant due to health problems

13:08, 11.01.2021

The ex-reality TV participant dreams of becoming a mother.

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Natalya Varvina was one of the brightest participants in the reality show “Dom-2”. She joined the TV set in 2007 and left in 2011. A year after Varvina left the show, it became known about her affair with the producer of “House-2” Alexei Mikhailovsky. In 2013, Natalia and Alexey got married, and a year later they got married. In 2017, Mikhailovsky left the post of reality TV producer, which he held for many years. Then he said that he wanted to concentrate on the family: the couple dreamed of an heir.

However, for eight years of marriage, the addition of Natalya Varvina and Alexei Mikhailovsky to the family never happened. The TV star is regularly showered with questions on social networks about why she does not give birth to her husband’s child. Natalia reacted rather sharply to such attacks in her address and was in no hurry to clarify the situation. But on the eve Varvina decided on a revelation. “I have health issues. I hope everyone’s curiosity has satisfied, “the ex-participant of the scandalous reality TV replied to the comment of one of the Internet users (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes. – Prim. line.).

Alexey Mikhailovsky and Natalya Varvina

It is worth noting that Natalya Varvina has a million followers on Instagram. The ex-participant of the TV show often shares facts about her life on social networks. One of Varvina’s main hobbies is cooking. Natalia regularly publishes recipes for various dishes, both simple and complex. She also admitted that she dreams of becoming the host of a culinary show on television. The talent of the cook, according to Varvina, was passed on to her from her mother and aunt, who worked as a chef.

Natalya Varvina keeps in touch with her colleagues at Dom-2 and often publishes joint photographs with them. Especially close Natalia communicates with the leading reality TV Ksenia Borodina. Moreover, Varvina and Borodina are friends of families.

Natalya Varvina with Ksenia Borodina and other friends

Recall that in December 2020 it became known about the closure of “House-2” after 16 years on the air. TV channel director Roman Petrenko said that with the advent of a large number of channels, social networks and YouTube, it became difficult for the famous TV set to compete and focus on itself the attention of viewers, which led to the loss of former ratings. The last issue of the project was released on December 30th. Earlier it became known that “Dom-2” does not completely stop its work – the general director of the show said that the reality is likely to go on the Internet or on another channel.

In general, fundamental changes in “House-2” began in the summer of 2020. Then in the show “Island of Love”, located in the Seychelles, they announced the clearing of the territory. And in October, the organizers announced the closure of two shows at once within the framework of “House-2” – “Love Island” and “Save Your Love”. It is noteworthy that at the same time, some of the participants of “House-2” remained to live on the territory of Polyana, since they have nowhere to go. According to the producers, houses and other buildings will not be demolished, but what exactly will be located there is unknown.

Since December 31, 2020 “Dom-2” has ceased to appear on TNT

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