Oct 18, 2020
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33-year-old star of the series “Policeman from the ruble” Rina Grishina secretly married

14:04, 18.10.

The artist showed her a wedding ring.

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Actress Rina Grishina never advertised her personal life. In her microblog on Instagram, the star of the series “Policeman from the Ruble” did not publish joint photos with her lover, and did not talk about their life together. However, now Grishina decided to report that her status has changed - she became a wife.

On the social network, Rina Grishina published a photo showing hands with wedding rings. “Well, guys. Do not call me to marry again ”, - signed the artist (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes. - Prim. row.). It is worth noting that the face of Grishina's husband is not visible in the photo, and the artist also did not tell when exactly the joyful event happened.

Rina Grishina published a photo with wedding rings on her hands

The first rumors about marriage Grishina appeared last year, when she wrote that her husband liked her photo. However, then the post was just a joke. Most likely, director Alex Nastoya became the husband of Rina Grishina. The actress and lover have been together for a couple of years. It is known that Rina Grishina's acquaintance with the Romanian director happened at a festival abroad. After the event, Alex Nastoya wrote to the artist about work - this is how they started communication. A year later, Rina Grishina flew to Romania to act in films. The star admitted that she was attracted by the mentality of the Romanians - they turned out to be very kind, open and non-conflict people.

For some time, Rina Grishina and Alex Nastoya had to live in two countries, but the distance between the lovers did not spoil, but only strengthened. As a result, the director decided to move to Russia for the sake of his beloved.

Alex Nastoya and Rina Grishina

Recall that in 2012 Grishina graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts. However, the actress began acting in films back in 2001, when she got a small role in the TV series "By the name of the Baron". The artist also took part in the filming of the serial film "Secrets of the Investigation". Rina Grishina also tried her hand in comedy series - she played a porter in "Kitchen". At first, the role of the actress was small, but by the sixth season of the project, the storyline of the heroine Rina began to develop.

The popularity of Rina Grishina also brought her role in the TV series "Policeman from the Ruble". Her heroine appeared in the third season of the multi-part film and immediately showed herself as a daring and self-confident girl who can cause a lot of trouble. Grishina often has to play law enforcement officers, but the actress admitted that the role of a policeman in the film "# 1" was not easy for her. “As always, the first day of shooting in a new project is scary and exciting. When you are just touching a new heroine, a new person, you try, you make mistakes, you search. To be honest, I haven't been so worried for a long time. And although I am back in police uniform, the character of my character is radically opposite, which was not. Yesterday we started a new film - # Number 1 ”, - said Rina.

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