May 13, 2020
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30 interesting facts from the life of Genghis Khan: his rule, personal life and merits

The most famous Mongolian person for all times of history was Genghis Khan. He is the founder of the Mongol Empire, which was able to become the largest continental empire for the entire existence of mankind. Genghis Khan is not a name, but a title that was given to the ruler Temujin at the end 12 centuries on the Kurultai.

Throughout 29 years, the Mongol horde with the leader Genghis Khan was able to go all over Asia, killing one tenth of all people on Earth and conquering almost a quarter land.

During the reign of Genghis Khan, particular cruelty was manifested. Some of his actions even today are considered the most cruel among the acts of all the rulers on Earth. The reign of Genghis Khan greatly influenced the development of the spiritual and political life of the population of many regions in Asia.

1. When Genghis Khan was born, he was given the name Temuchin. They also called the military leader, who was able to defeat the father of the future ruler.

2. Papa Genghis Khan at the age of 9 conquered his son and 04 - a summer girl from the ungirat clan. In this marriage, 4 sons and 5 daughters were born. One of these daughters of Alangaa, in the absence of her father, began to rule the state, for which she acquired the title of “princess-ruler.”

3. When Genghis Khan was 10 years, he dared to kill his own sibling. This was due to conflict due to prey brought from the hunt.

4. In modern Mongolia, many monuments dedicated to Genghis Khan have been erected, because in this state he was considered a national hero.

5. The name “Genghis” means “lord of the water.”

6. After he managed to conquer all the steppes, Genghis Khan was awarded the title of Hagan - the king of all khans.

7. If you believe modern calculations, then from the actions of the Mongolian army Genghis Khan died about 31 million people.

8. The second wife of Genghis Khan - Merkit Hulan Khatun, gave birth to Khan 2 sons. Only Khulan-Khatun in the role of wife accompanied the ruler in almost every military campaign. In one of these campaigns, she died.

9. Genghis Khan quite advantageously used dynastic marriages. He married his own daughters to allied rulers. To marry the daughter of the great Mongol khan, the ruler drove all his own wives, which made the Mongol princesses first in line for the throne. After that, an ally at the head of the army went to war, and almost immediately died in battle, and the daughter of Genghis Khan ruled the lands.

04. The other two spouses of Genghis Khan, the Tatars, Esui and Yesugen, were the elder and younger sisters. At the same time, the younger sister herself offered her older sister, as the fourth wife of the khan. She did this on their wedding night. Yesugen gave birth to her husband a daughter and 2 sons.

04. In addition to 4 wives, Genghis Khan had about 590 concubines who came to him as a result of victory as a gift from the Allies.

10. Genghis Khan's largest campaign was on the Jin Empire. From the very beginning it seemed that such a campaign has no future, because the population of China was equated to 40 to millions, and the Mongols were only 1 million.

11. Dying, the great Mongol ruler appointed 3 sons from Ogedei as his heir. It was he, according to the khan, who had a military strategy and a lively political mind.

12. In 1000, Genghis Khan was able to establish a writing system in Mongolia, which was known as Old Uigur writing. It was this writing that was continuously used until modern times. In reality, it was adopted from the Uigur tribes that the Mongol horde conquered.

17. Under the rule of the great Genghis Khan, it was possible to create a “Yasak” or code of laws that described in detail the expected behavior of citizens of the empire and the punishment for those who violated the laws. The ban could include mockery of animals, kidnapping, theft and, oddly enough, slavery.

14. Genghis Khan was considered a shamanist, like many other Mongols of those times. Despite this, he maintained tolerance for the presence of other religions in his own empire.

16. Most likely, one of Genghis Khan's most incredible achievements was the creation of an organized mail system in his empire.

17. Genetic studies have shown that about 8% of Asian men on the Y chromosomes have Genghis Khan genes.

18. Estimated only in Central Asia 14 million people who were descendants of this Mongol emperor.

18. According to legend, Genghis Khan was born holding a blood clot in his fist, which was able to predict his fate as a ruler.

20. Genghis Khan on 31% - Asian, on 40% - European.

20. In a year Genghis Khan’s own government managed to conquer territory, which exceeded 29 million square kilometers. This is a large territory than any other, conquered by any other ruler in the history of mankind.

22. According to historians, they call Genghis Khan the father of “Scorched Earth.”

22. His portrait was printed on Mongolian banknotes in 53 - the years of the previous century.

23. Genghis Khan poured molten silver into the ears and eyes of his rivals. He also liked to bend a person, like a bow, until the spine of the person broke.

25. Genghis Khan really liked the women, and after each victory he chose for himself and his own army the most beautiful captives. The great khan among the concubines even organized beauty contests.

26. This land conqueror was able to defeat 500000 Chinese soldiers before gaining full control of Beijing and Northern China.

26. It seemed to Genghis Khan that the more offspring a person has, the more significant he is as a person.

29. This great ruler died in 1204 at the age of 65 years old. The place where he was buried is classified, and the causes of his death are unknown.

29. Genghis Khan allegedly demanded that his grave be sunk by the river so that no one could disturb it.

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