Apr 28, 2020
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3 tips from a psychologist, how to love yourself?

The ability to love oneself is the most important skill of a person. If you know how to love yourself, then you can love other people, live in harmony with yourself and be happy. Unfortunately, few of us can boast of this skill.

The main reason that a person does not know how to love himself is the lack of mother’s love. If a person has not received this love in childhood, then in the future it may have an effect on the formation of his personality.

What is included in the concept of “loving yourself”?

First of all, it is taking care of yourself and accepting yourself for who you are. In addition, you must respect yourself and understand that you deserve only the best. When communicating with other people, you should not feel inferior or feel any inconvenience or guilt. And most importantly, you should enjoy life without remorse!

If you do not care what you look like, you are too critical of yourself, fulfill other people's whims, to the detriment of your interests, and consider yourself unworthy of some kind of social circle, then this clearly indicates that you are not love.

Is it realistic to love yourself and how to learn to do it? Here are some tips from psychologists.

  1. Learn to listen to your feelings. If something makes you uncomfortable, don’t bear it, but try to eliminate the cause. For example, you sat at a computer for a long time and worked. Your eyes are tired - take a break, have a cup of tea or coffee, relax. Do not endure this condition, learn to take care of yourself.
  2. Pamper yourself. Take care not only of yourself, but also make it a rule to pamper yourself sometimes. Thus, you will fill the lack of maternal love that you received in childhood
  3. Indicate your boundaries. If our internal boundaries are violated, then our body sends us signals - breathing goes off, you begin to feel tension. True, we do not always notice them. Try to develop this skill in yourself - to notice body signals in time, and exclude the source. And this applies not only to situations when someone from the outside invades your personal space, this also applies to those things when, instead of answering “no,” we say “yes.” Learn to act in your own interests, and not fulfill the whims of other people.

Do you love yourself?

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