Oct 12, 2021
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3 surprising facts about the coffee tree

3 surprising facts about the coffee tree

Today we have prepared for you three unusual facts about the coffee tree.

Fans of this invigorating drink living in northern countries rarely encounter the process of growing coffee beans. Therefore, they do not always have a good idea of ​​how exactly this happens. Today we have prepared three unusual facts about the coffee tree for you.

Fact number 1

Today there are over 50 types of coffee in the world. All this variety comes from only two basic varieties: Arabica and Robusta. All other varieties are the result of selection.

Fact number 2

The height of coffee trees in nature can exceed 9 meters, but due to the fact that harvesting from such a height is difficult, the height of the trees is formed artificially, cutting the crown so that it does not exceed 3 meters.

Fact no. 3

They even erected a monument to the coffee tree. It is located in Brazil in one of the parks of the city of São Paulo. Thus, the inhabitants of the country decided to express their gratitude to the plant, which is still one of the pillars of the country’s agriculture.

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