Jun 30, 2020
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3 simple tricks with a bill you’ll learn in 3 minutes

Hello! Let’s learn 3 extremely simple and dexterous tricks with a bill. They are so light that you will spend more time reading this paragraph than learning! But together these tricks are quite fascinating. If you show them in conjunction with several other fast-focus, you will get a good number for “heating” the public.

There are three pieces of paper on our list. Some of the bills you can no longer use as a means of payment. But they will turn into a great focal gimmick, which can be used more than once.

Focus No.1. 50 rubles per hundred

Turn the bill 50 rubles into a hundred. To do this, to the bill 50 rubles need to glue folded in half a hundred. You can also interpret the focus in “turning paper into money.” To do this, glue together the bill and cut under its size sheet of paper.

Focus No.2. 50 rubles per hundred: version 2

Don’t want to spoil the money and get your hands dirty with glue? You can do with sleight of hand. Fold 50 rubles in half, then again and again until there is a small rectangle. We wave our hands and begin to unwrap the bill. And she’s different! We already have a hundred in our hands.

The secret is that in advance it folds into the same small rectangle of the bill in which we want to turn the first. During the show and folding 50 rubles, this “rectangle” hides behind. You just need to fold and turn the money in the right order.simple tricks with money

Focus No.3. We pierce the bill with a pencil

The bill is folded in half. Then it should be put in a sheet of paper a little smaller bill. Pencil is made from the inside of the puncture of the bill and sheet. Money is pulled out, and she – the whole. But there’s a gaping hole in the paper.

The secret is this. You need to make a small incision in the bill, so that it could pass a pencil. You need to cut at the level of 1/4 of the length of the bill. When the pencil is inserted inside the folded sheets, it should be slipped into a cut hole in the bill. So he’s only going to puncture the paper. And the money will remain intact.

Detailed training is presented in the video above. Before you start to glue and cut something, look at it please! The video shows in detail how to make “cash” gimmicks for these tricks.

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