Sep 10, 2021
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28 programs of integration of Russia and Belarus approved by the Council of Ministers of the Union State

Integration is carried out with full preservation of the sovereignty of both countries

The previously announced meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus took place in Moscow. After about four hours of negotiations Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko spoke at a press conference.

“Negotiations with the President of Belarus, as always, however, were intense and constructive, which fully corresponds to the nature of relations between our countries. I have said more than once, and today I want to repeat once again: Belarus is a good neighbor and closest ally for us. Russian-Belarusian cooperation is based on the principles of mutual respect, support and consideration of each other’s interests. Close friendly ties between the peoples of Russia and Belarus are supported by a common history and spiritual values, and often by family kinship,

– quoted by the press service of the Kremlin, the speech of the President of the Russian Federation.

According to Vladimir Putin, the emphasis in the talks was placed on economic relations between the countries, as well as on issues of integration within the framework of the Union State.

He recalled that the governments of both Russia and Belarus have been working for more than three years on a package of documents – the so-called 28 union programs, the purpose of which is to unify the legislation of both countries in all spheres of the economy and to level the operating conditions of economic entities of the two countries. And also to form a common industrial and agricultural policy. The presidents agreed on all 28 programs.

Alexander Lukashenko noted the most important thing of these programs – equal rights for business entities of both countries.

“Those same equal conditions, the need for which various representatives of Belarus, including me, as the president, have been talking about for many years. This is the backbone of the basics. We are full partners. It was for the sake of equality, profitable cooperation, fruitful cooperation that the Belarusian-Russian integration was started. The mechanisms of the development of a common economic space are clearly spelled out in the Union programs: the formation of united sectoral markets, the implementation of a harmonized financial, tax, credit, pricing, trade policy “,

– emphasized the Belarusian president.

Also in the union programs, according to Lukashenko, the conditions for the supply of energy resources to Belarus are laid down, an increase in the volume of transport services, the financing of new investment projects and much more, up to an increase in the level of social guarantees for citizens of both Russia and Belarus.

Turning to the critics of the Union State, the President of Belarus asked whether they see in these programs something bad for the citizens of Belarus or “a weight on Russia’s leg” that Russian skeptics are afraid of.

On Friday, September 10, a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State was held in Minsk, at which all 28 programs previously agreed by the presidents were approved. Now these programs will be approved by the Supreme State Council of the Union State by the end of 2021.

“The meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State has just ended, the main thing is that decisions on deepening integration on the basis of 28 union programs have been approved, they are all agreed and define a clear trajectory of joint work in almost all areas of joint activity,”

– noted the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustinspeaking at a briefing following the meeting.

Mishustin emphasized that the integration of Russia and Belarus is being carried out with full preservation of the sovereignty of both countries, there is no talk of political integration.

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