Jan 11, 2021
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25-year-old Elizaveta Arzamasova admitted that she likes to call 47-year-old Ilya Averbukh her husband

01:31, 01/11/2021

The actress shared a joint photo with her husband.

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December 20 last year it became known about the wedding of the 25-year-old actress Elizaveta Arzamasova and 47-year-old figure skater Ilya Averbukh… Rumors about the engagement of the famous couple began to circulate at the beginning of the same month, but the lovers themselves did not confirm the information. What’s more, the skater directly repliedthat so far there is no question of any wedding. And yet, despite this statement, just a couple of weeks later, Elizabeth published on her social networks wedding video

The romance between Elizabeth and Ilya began in the summer, but until recently, the lovers tried not to show themselves together. For the first time Arzamasova and Averbukh were published as a couple last September. Partners attended the show “Evening Urgant”where told about my life together. Since then, the stars have begun to more openly demonstrate family idyll. Now Lisa and Ilya periodically delight fans by sharing joint pictures and videos on social networks.

25-year-old Elizaveta Arzamasova admitted that she likes to call 47-year-old Ilya Averbukh her husband

Today Arzamasova posted a touching selfie with Averbukh on her Instagram microblog. “With my husband …” – the star laconically signed the picture “Daddy’s daughters” (The author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given unchanged. Prim. line.). The artist also added that she is especially pleased to call her lover by this word. “What a new, pleasant word,” – shared Elizabeth. Not only fans of the star couple were touched by the photo, but also the colleagues of the skater and actress. In the comments, the newlyweds were wished family happiness by stars such as Zara, Oscar Kucera, Lyubov Tolkalina and other celebrities.

It is worth noting that the wedding of Arzamasova and Averbukh caused a public outcry. Due to the large age difference, the couple’s union was not supported by everyone – Ilya is more than 20 years older than Lisa. Negativity hit the lovers both from the general public and from some celebrities. However, in addition to critics, there were also those who supported the union of the skater and the actress. Arzamasova expressed gratitude to well-wishers in his microblog on Instagram. According to the artist, she and her husband are very pleased that there are still people in the world capable of sincere joy for someone else’s happiness.

Elizaveta Arzamasova and Ilya Averbukh at the wedding ceremony

By the way, the ex-wife of Ilya Averbukh, a figure skater Irina Lobacheva, approved the marriage of the ex-lover with a young actress. At first, the athlete did not trust Lisa. Lobacheva was worried about the issue of inheritance – Irina was afraid that Ilya would rewrite the property for a new passion and leave their common son Martin without funds. However, later Arzamasova managed to find a common language with the mistrustful ex-wife of her chosen one. The skater said that at the moment she treats the actress well and wishes the newlyweds happiness

The 16-year-old son of Ilya and Irina also reacted to the choice of his father with approval. Martin is one of the first congratulated Arzamasov and Averbukh with the official registration of the union. The heir to the skater not only expressed his joy for the parent, but also for himself – after all, after the divorce of the athletes, Martin stayed with his father. The boy made friends quickly with the new darling of Ilya. Earlier it was reported that Elizabeth successfully managed to find a common language with the son of her beloved.

Ilya Averbukh with his ex-wife Irina Lobacheva

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