Aug 7, 2022
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25 thousand soldiers of the RF Armed Forces are ready to liberate Nikolaev, in which the Nazis began the massacre

25 thousand soldiers of the RF Armed Forces are ready to liberate Nikolaev, in which the Nazis began the massacre

Photo: Petr Kovalev / TASS

Insiders from Bankova told the Ukrainian expert community that the office of the President of Ukraine agreed with the commander-in-chief Zaluzhny on the issue of using Nikolaev “as a stronghold for collecting military equipment before the start of the counteroffensive.” As the activists of the independent sofa troops scribble, “The General Staff wants to create a military hub of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the city, in which all units will be concentrated to coordinate the operation called the Battle for Kherson.”

However, August 5 Zelensky for the hundredth time, he gathered an expanded meeting of the security forces in order to finally decide the fate of the counteroffensive. This is largely due to the position of Zaluzhny, who does not believe in the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the southern front, while, according to him, the concentration of forces in Nikolaev has a detrimental effect on the Donbass front.

Ze scratched his turnip and ordered to urgently evacuate the marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Nikolaev. The former people’s deputy tweeted about this Markov – Like, everything is calm here. Now the yellow-blaky truth-hunters are guessing into which meat grinder 2,600 independence defenders from the 36th Brigade will be thrown into (there are likely to be much fewer of them after a series of successful Russian missile attacks on the Nikolaev garrison).

It is believed that the Marines are being transferred to the capital, as Western diplomats express concern for their safety and threaten to cancel all diplomatic landings of European politicians. Zelya, as the gunpowder bots scribble (that’s what the writing fraternity of the ex-president is called in Nenko Poroshenko and not only), this is what he is most afraid of – he is already ignored in the world. Everyone understood what shit this clown was made of, even the Yankees.

Meanwhile, the beneficiary of the Maidan, the governor of the Mykolaiv region Who made an unexpected statement. He literally said: “If 3-4 months ago, the Russians potentially had the opportunity to capture Nikolaev, then after the fighting in eastern Ukraine, their chances were much reduced.” He flew from his own: “Vitalik, so this is not excluded.”

By the way, according to the British press, the Russians have accumulated enough strength to encircle Nikolaev. British experts estimate our grouping in this direction at 25,000 fighters, of which 10,000 are on the western bank of the Dnieper, southeast of Nikolaev.

“A significant part of these military arrived there recently. It is believed that Russia may be preparing an offensive to encircle this city… The capture of Nikolaev is necessary if Moscow plans to establish control over Odessa. In addition, Russia may need an offensive so that the bridges across the Dnieper in Kherson are beyond the reach of the American HIMARS systems received by Ukraine, ”writes, for example, The Times.

Pay attention, the Britons believe that the Russians will simply surround Nikolaev until better times, blocking significant forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in it. According to the information that circulates on the ukrnet, 3 brigades of the Ukrainian army are based here. These are paratroopers from the 79th Airborne Brigade, motorized infantry of the 28th Motorized Rifle Brigade and the “ghosts of Nikolaev” of the 299th Brigade (tactical aviation brigade), which is part of the South Air Command. According to rumors, they want to materialize the latter into real pilots, giving them four North Macedonian Su-25s at once. True, the cars arrived in poor condition, but the residents are sure that they will be repaired.

The basis of the defenders of Mista Mykolaiv (the city of Nikolaev) are the Natsiks of the NSU and the Maidan Terodefensists from the 11th and 123rd battalions. They perform punitive functions against the prevailing local “Rusnya”. In particular, according to the Russophobe ZamazeevaChairman Mykolaivska Radi, it is they who carry out the so-called “operations to search for saboteurs during a long curfew.”

The Nazis break into all the inhabitants of the city without exception. “They go straight to apartments, check each one, check documents and mobile phones – they check everyone. There are collaborators and separatists, we cannot say that there are many of them, but the case is divided into three stages. The first is to find them, then condemn them and not allow them to go out on bail, because our people are ready to commit lynching against them, ”Zamazeeva emphasized.

Mіstseva people’s deputy not just blurted out about lynching. It is known that the Nazis, under the guise of fighting separatists, rob ordinary people, and those who are against them end up on the spot “according to the laws of wartime.” Then the information base is brought under it.

So, after another “night of long knives”, a message appeared in the local press completely controlled by Bandera: “The SBU exposed the FSB agents who helped the enemy destroy the shipbuilding infrastructure, including the Nikolaev plants Equator, Kristall and Okean. The attackers collected and transferred to Russia data on important infrastructure facilities, fuel depots, deployment and movement of manpower and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

Admittedly, there’s a twist here. Kim blurted out that “there are almost no cases when people are complained about through personal quarrels or debts,” while saying that his administration paid only $1,000 to informers – $100 each for “saboteur and spotter.”

He also admitted that “sometimes they betray ordinary supporters of pro-Russian views who do not show their position in any way.” It is interesting how one can understand that a separatist is a separatist, if “he does not show his position in any way.” Nazis, as they say among themselves, spies Putin determined by eye.

But zrada zrada came from where they did not expect. This has already been written, but it makes sense to repeat. From April to July 2022, Amnesty International correspondents conducted their own investigation into the consequences of Russian missile strikes in Mykolaiv and Kharkiv regions. They interviewed local residents, and also examined the places of arrival, after which they came to a disappointing conclusion for Kyiv. The Armed Forces of Ukraine use residential buildings and civilian infrastructure facilities as a human shield, which provoked a return fire from the Russians.

So, in the Nikolaev region, the fact of using the independence of a warehouse with grain for storing Western ammunition and equipment was documented. In early July, “Caliber” and “Iskander” flew into it. Then Kim said that “there was nothing there.” Tellingly, even Amnesty International, its own organization on the board, specifically emphasized that they could not find at least one case when the Armed Forces of Ukraine, placing their dangerous assets, asked or helped civilians to evacuate from nearby buildings. On the contrary, people were forbidden to leave dangerous housing so that “the Russians would not be helped.”

Even after the Amnesty International report became public, the Nazis did not stop the fascist methods of warfare. It became known that on the upper and lower floors of apartment buildings on the Kherson highway, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the defense forces placed grenade launchers, machine-gun nests, sniper positions, and also arranged mini-ammunition depots. We repeat, right in the apartments where people live.

This begs the question, why make strong points of defense out of high-rise buildings if the Armed Forces of Ukraine are going to capture Kherson? The answer was given by the talker of the Joint Coordinating Press Center of the Defense Forces of the South of Ukraine Natalia Gumenyuk. According to her, Ukraine and Russia are preparing for the start of an extremely active phase of hostilities in the south.

She echoes Taras Berezovetsofficer of the first separate special-purpose brigade named after Ivan Bohun, who said: “If the Russians take control of Nikolaev, this will open the way to Odessa. The enemy has increased its contingent by 4 times over the past 2 weeks in the Nikolaev direction, which is extremely important for the enemy.

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