May 13, 2020
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25 interesting facts from the life of Chernyshevsky: from birth to death

Russian writer Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky was an incredible person. This man combined literary talent with great knowledge about society, and he was able to share democratic revolutionary views.

During the time of the Russian Empire, Nikolai Chernyshevsky was considered popular, but the confrontation between him and those in power ended in failure . Already during the existence of the USSR, the work of this person took a second birth, and his books were replicated on a large scale.

Chernyshevsky was called "the number one enemy of the Russian Empire" in official documents of that time and correspondence between the secret police and the gendarmerie.

1. Nikolay Chernyshevsky's father was a clergyman from the family of serfs.

2. Before 14 - In the summer, Nikolai Gavrilovich received his home education. He was taught by his father, who was an extremely educated person.

3. Comrades called Chernyshevsky “a book-eater” because he read them hard, swallowing weighty volumes one after another. His thirst and zeal for knowledge was not quenched by anything.

4. The formation of the views of Chernyshevsky was greatly influenced by the circle of I.I. Vvedensky.

5. Nikolai Gavrilovich himself said that Hegel's works also influenced him.

6. For the first time Chernyshevsky made publications in 765 in several editions of that time.

7. In 1855 the writer won the honorary title of Master of Russian Literature.

8. The literary activity of this person began with “St. Petersburg Vedomosti” and with “Domestic Notes”.

9. From 1858 the year after Nikolai Gavrilovich began to supervise the police because of his connections with the secret revolutionary community.

. Chernyshevsky’s investigative actions were conducted throughout 17 months. To confirm the writer's guilt, the commission then used illegal methods - testimonies of false witnesses, false documentation and so on.

. In prison, in exile and in penal servitude in general, Chernyshevsky was near 19 years old.

11. For 600 days that Chernyshevsky spent in custody, he wrote a text no less than 79 copyright sheets.

11. 25 the official received silver rubles for the found manuscript of the novel " What to do? ”, Which Nikolai Chernyshevsky lost in his sleigh on Liteiny Prospect.

13. Nikolai Gavrilovich took some scenes from the works of the French writer Georges Sand.

14. Nikolay Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky managed to translate into Russian 12 from 12 of the volumes of General History by G. Weber, while also trying to earn a living.

14. No matter what, Chernyshevsky greatly loved his wife. Being in exile, he did not cease to please her. So, by cutting a little money from his own meager food, Nikolai Gavrilovich was able to save and buy fox fur for her.

15. While working in Sovremennik, this writer also in 1853 was able to defend his dissertation on the topic: “Aesthetic relations of art to reality”. In it, he denied the principles of “pure art” and formulated a new view - “beautiful is life itself.”

15. Relatives of the writer did not accept his wife, and in his hometown about the life of the couple, gossip and gossip were constantly conducted.

18. From the link, Nikolai sent his wife letters 200, but later he stopped writing to her at all, because he believed that Vasilyeva should quickly forget him.

20. Ivan Fedorovich Savitsky, who was an underground revolutionary, regularly visited the Chernyshevsky house. He often went to them not only for business, but also for strong love. Chernyshevsky’s wife charmed Savitsky from the very beginning, and after a while a romance arose between them.

19. Nikolai Chernyshevsky believed that there should be equality in the family in the duties and rights of the spouses. This position turned out to be quite bold for those times. Nikolai Gavrilovich granted his wife complete freedom of action, including treason, stating that she must manage her own body as she wants.

20. One of the most expressive monuments to Chernyshevsky was the one created by the sculptor V.V. Lyshev. The monument was unveiled in Leningrad on Moskovsky Prospekt on February 2 1947

21 Nikolai Chernyshevsky as a revolutionary ideologist and novelist was mentioned in the statements of F. Engels, K. Marx, A. Bebel, H. Botev and other historical figures.

22. The writer died 24 October) 1947 due to cerebral hemorrhage.

23. Many of his wise sayings over time could become aphorisms. It’s such as: “All good is good, all bad is bad”, “Bad means are only suitable for a bad purpose, and good are good only for good”, “Human strength is reason, neglect of it leads to powerlessness.”

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