Apr 17, 2021
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22-year-old Tim Belorusskikh first showed his daughter, whom he hid for 5 years

17:06, 17.04.2021

The artist said that he was hiding his child all this time in order to maintain the image.

Tim Belorusskikh prefers not to share the details of his personal life with the public. Two years ago, the media circulated information that the 22-year-old singer is married and, moreover, together with his wife is raising a daughter named Sofia… However, the artist himself gave the official confirmation only today. In his microblog on Instagram, Tim published an address to the audience, in which for the first time in a long time he spoke frankly about his life off stage.

“Let’s start with the fact that I’m a dad. Not the one that your favorite rappers tell you about, but a real dad who has a beautiful daughter – who, by the way, is already 5 years old, ”shared Belorusskikh (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given without changes hereinafter. – Prim. line.). The musician took the opportunity and in the Stories section for the first time showed shots with Sofia – before that, the journalist managed to get a couple of shots of the girl, but Tim himself never published photos and videos with the baby. The singer also admitted why he did not tell the public about the child for many years. “And all this time, in order to adhere to the image of a boy with a broken heart, it was all carefully hidden,” Belorusskikh said.

Daughter of Tima Belorusskikh

In addition to the topic of paternity, in his address, Tim also mentioned a recent the illegal substance scandal, in the center of which he found himself at the end of January this year. Recall that the star was detained in Minsk for drug possession. A criminal case was initiated against the Belorusskys under article 328 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus “Illegal trafficking in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their precursors and analogues.” Based on the outcome of the hearing, the court sentenced the singer to two years of restriction of freedom without a referral to a correctional institution. The artist has the right to attend work and study, but his movements are severely limited, and after seven in the evening he must be at home.

After the media spread information about Tima’s arrest, the artist himself denied his involvement in the drug case. However, in his today’s commentary, Belorusskikh said that his words were misunderstood – as the singer said, then he called false information about the amount of prohibited substances found on him, which flashed in the publications of news publications. The artist summed up his message with an appeal to take care of yourself and your loved ones. “Living soberly and consciously is the best feeling! I hope that my example will be a trigger in order to change the lives of people who need it, ”wrote Tim.

Tim Belorusskikh with his wife

By the way, the history of illegal substances and the subsequent verdict did not interfere with the professional activities of the Belorusskys. According to Tima, at the moment, he and his team are planning to unveil the dates of his concerts in the near future. We add that at the beginning of his career, the artist was able to quickly win the people’s love. Belorusskikh made his debut as a solo artist in 2017, and just a year later he became widely known thanks to his hit “Wet Crosses”.

This composition brought Tim a victory in the Hit of the Year nomination at the ZHARA Music Awards. Shortly after receiving the Belarusian award, he first appeared on television on the air of a talk show “Evening Urgant”… As part of the program, the artist performed his song together with the permanent musicians of the show, the Frukty group.

Tim Belorusskikh in the show “Evening Urgant”

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