Dec 28, 2020
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22-year-old singer Monetochka first spoke about who her husband is

11:00, 28.12.

Elizaveta Gyrdymova married Viktor Isaev two days ago.

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On December 26, singer Elizaveta Gyrdymova, also known as Monetochka, announced her marriage. She shared the good news in her microblog on Instagram and published a photo showing wedding rings. The identity of Lisa’s new spouse was unknown. Then the Web began to write that the singer had a close relationship with her producer. Victor Isaev… In addition, in October, in an interview with Ivan Urgant, they confirmed that they are united by something more than teamwork. However, Elizabeth herself refuted these speculations.

In her microblog on Instagram, Elizaveta Gyrdymova told what her husband, Viktor Isaev, actually does. She published a joint photo from their performance, under which she dispelled all speculation about the activities of her husband. As it turned out, Victor is not a producer, but a co-author of the singer (the spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged – Prim. line.): “Guys, since there are so many conversations around our wedding, I wanted to clarify one detail) Everywhere they write that I married my producer, but the fact is that Vitya is not my producer, and he never promoted artists in this sense … He is a composer, musician. And I’m a poet) “.

22-year-old singer Monetochka first spoke about who her husband is

Elizaveta explained that the inscription “prod” on her tracks and albums has always meant sound production – the production of music. And the managers are responsible for the promotion of the singer: “In general, we just write our songs together, I am responsible for the lyrics, Vitya is responsible for the music 🙂 so we are co-authors, partners, fellow tribesmen … and now also spouses) but not a singer and producer ))) although I don’t feel any hate for such pairs, I just wanted to correct a nuance that had cut my ear for a long time. And also THANK YOU FOR CONGRATULATIONS !!! I am happy and I love you. “

It is worth noting that in high school, Monetochka met with her peer, but when her creative career began to gain popularity, a conflict arose between the singer and her boyfriend, and the couple broke up. Lisa herself believes that this is for the best. The sudden popularity also caused a negative reaction from some of her classmates, but, according to Monetochka, the support of her loyal friends helped her cope with this.

Monetochka posted a photo of wedding rings

We add that in October, Monetochka shared another good news. The singer gave an interview to the host of the YouTube show “vDud” Yuri Dudyu, where she said that she became the owner of a house in the Krasnodar Territory on Krasnaya Polyana. The property was valued at 18 million rubles. Liza’s own savings helped to buy it. Monetochka said that her father helped her with the repair. They immediately changed the roof, cladding, and demolished the walls. The place has become cozy, and the view of the mountains is so unloading for the psyche that now the idol of young people hardly returns to Moscow.

“I bought the house six months ago. At first I came here, took a synthesizer to pee, for me it was a place of power, solitude. In some places, the Internet works very poorly here, but I really like it. And I thought, if I like it here, why not put all my savings into it, ”said Monetochka. The singer added that the house cost her less than the neighbors’ houses, because she chose a small house. “The neighbors have such luxurious houses made of some kind of timber. Everything is so beautiful. And my such a little fool is so expensive, so it is not very expensive, ”the artist clarified.

Coin gave an interview to Yuri Dudyu

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